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The King's Men

The King's Men - Nora Sakavic He'd come to the Foxhole Court every inch a lie, but his friends made him into someone real.

*Spoiler Free Series Review*

I made hundreds of highlights over the course of this series so picking one quote was therefore not an easy task. Beautiful words that have captivated me for nearly a week. A series. A culmination of three books which are so amazingly developed that I am not sure I can pick one single moment that does not hold value and purpose to what has been crafted here. This felt like a puzzle for me; being slipped pieces along the way and seeing the image unfold before me. Every piece of worth. Every character of meaning.

This is the journey of Neil and his road to finding happiness; to finding home.


This is a journey of pain, of suffering, of betrayal.

This is a journey with emotional and physical scars.


A journey about protecting the ones you care about; about keeping promises; about fighting demons.

This is a journey about addiction.


This is a journey about trust; about family.

This is a journey about reading people, of understanding and where actions speak louder than words.

A journey about finding the people who will hold you up when all else seems lost.


A journey about becoming free to go after the life you want.

And at the center is the sport of Exy; acting as the glue that brings these amazingly broken yet caring characters together.


There is no way to capture this book in words. To explain what takes place and what it all means. It’s just a journey that every reader should experience for themselves. I am left with a loss for these characters...and while Neil and Andrew are such a central element to this series, every character held such meaning, that I am utterly heartbroken that this has come to an end.


Kevin, Andrew and Neil <3<br/>
Cannot wait to read this all over again. **Highly Recommended**