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The Foxhole Court

The Foxhole Court - Nora Sakavic "Family means something different with us because it has to. It's not about blood. It's not even about who we like. It's about who Andrew's willing to protect."

To say I'm stunned with this book is an understatement. There is really no way to even put into words what this book is about...while not much seems to happen...so much is unfolding and captivating you as a reader. I was not only intrigued from the very beginning but absolutely glued to the actions unfolding on the page...the writing is quite impressive.

While none of these characters are what I would call "mom material"...my gawd, you can't help but love every single one of these broken and quite dangerous men.

I'm also holding out on the Sevro comparison AT THIS POINT (sorry Marco) when talking about Andrew, as those are quite some shoes to fill...but potential...Oh Yes...there is no doubt that this psychotic crack head is brilliantly portrayed and mesmerizing to watch. I want his POV BAD!!

The cousins had pushed two of their dressers against the wall under the window. Andrew sat on top of them, leaning forward so he could fold his arms across his knees. Neil smelled blood and looked past Andrew at the window. Andrew had taken the screen off in the main room so he could smoke, but this window still had one. It was probably all that saved his hand when he punched a hole in the glass.



I can't help it...and with no romance yet, nor even real indication of who will get with who...I'm still turned on to the point that even a kiss could prove quite explosive. These guys are dangerously addictive and I'm under their drug induced spell for sure.

A group of people shouldered their way up to the bar counter at Neil's back, pushing him into Andrew. Andrew didn't budge beneath his weight. He was something solid to lean against, something violent and fierce and unmoving. Neil couldn't remember what it felt like to have someone hold him up. It was terrifying and liberating all at once. His life was out of his control now; he was giving it to Andrew and hoping Andrew would keep it safe.

Yep...total boner. I want more now!

As for recommendations...who knows who would enjoy this, but it's worth the try...it's FREE!

You hit the jackpot with this pick Marco...I hope the greatness continues.