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Cookies - Teodora Kostova A sweet angst free read. Just yummy!


So I had the honor of Beta reading a copy of this for my dear friend Teo. I will be honest…after a few of her other fabulous books, I was a little nervous. I mean, I knew this would be great, but this woman can pull on some damn emotions…and she loves her some good angst. But alas, she pulled out her angst free love card in this one. Overall, this read is just sweet and warm and curl up on the sofa goodness. From the baking of some amazing sounding cookies, brownies and cinnamon rolls (I mean you are hankering for a trip to the kitchen when you are done), to some damn hot and quite emotional sex scenes. I was left feeling satisfied and ready for more.

Jay and Amir are wonderful together. Amir, an amputee veteran, owns his own bakery called “Cookies” and it is here that Jay stumbles into his shop…and needless to say falls right into Amir. While Amir seems to have it all…he is hesitant to let anyone in…to reveal his scars and to take a step towards love. But Jay is different and it is Jay who sees him.

“You’re amazing,” Jay said, kissing me softly. “And smart.” Kiss. “And kind.” Another kiss. “And funny.” He kissed me longer this time, as if making a point. “And you have scars. It all makes you who you are, and I really like who you are, Amir.”

There are also some amazing side characters…and one real douche (I think Teri has his death all planned out already…HAHAHA)…but it is the set up to book 2 in this series with Shane and Greg that the angst is sure to return…and yet it is so warranted that I eagerly await this one.

Some absolutely beautiful moments between these two…so don’t miss out on this one. Grab a cup of tea, a cookie and snuggle up on sofa to enjoy this one. And when you are done pick up Mask…which is my absolute favorite by Teo. While part of the “West End Series” I feel it can be read as a stand-alone.

Salted Caramel Brownies (yep…these were made and consumed upon completing this book). YUM!

Beta BR with Nathan, Teri, Marte and Marco