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Finley - Ella Frank As Brantley entwined their fingers, Daniel gently squeezed them, and his chest tightened as if those same fingers had just wrapped around his heart.

First Logan and Tate, then Leo and Alasdair and now Finn and Brantley…can this woman not create unbelievable chemistry between her leading men or what?? My gawd. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this book to be this great…this touching and this scorching hot…but it was.


The storyline is a new one for me so that in itself was so refreshing. Add to that a cocky Finn who at times you’d think could be a long lost brother to our dear ole Cole and Logan...Phew!!! And like with Logan and Tate, the plot of the book is them and the love they have for each other and it is perfect.

Brantley is just so unbelievably caring and while you want to hate him for what he did, he truly believed what he was doing was right…and how hard that is to come to realize that his actions hurt the one he loved the most. Some heartbreaking moments for sure. But these two are destined to be together, and while their lives have been separated for so long, neither one of them could truly move on.

The chemistry between these two is pretty palpable and once again Ella can create some unbelievable eye fucking moments with sexual tension like no other…my heavens…prepare yourself people.


As for what’s to come…I was giddy about the possibilities at 25%...as there are friends introduced in this book that you want more of…and one scene in particular I want told from their POV like NOW!!! Come on Ella…don’t leave us hanging long.

This is an absolute MUST read…and yes…come release day…I’m getting amnesia because I plan to read this all over again from the beginning…and I can’t wait!!

And what is not to love when I get a taste of my Logan. Yep…"Logan Fucking Mitchell”…and the perfect excuse for a picture...and the "cherry" on top for this unbelievable book!!!


An ARC was generously given in return for an honest review.