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The Spencer Cohen Series, Book One

The Spencer Cohen Series, Book One - N.R. Walker And this gets better and better with each read...leaving me a little obsessed with this.

My "Sexy Nerd" Magazine Cover inspired by this book. <3<br/>
Original Review:

So yes…our dear Ms. Walker has worked her magic once again…


This one…is a WINNER! I will be honest, the blurb had me more than a little confused and while I got that this has a “boyfriend for hire” theme I was still more than a little befuddled. But it’s Walker… I mean you just gotta.

Walker has created two very heartwarmingly rich characters who fate, in a sense, has brought together. This is not a love at first sight story but is certainly a relationship which builds through conversation, through amazing interactions and breathtaking scenes as these two men come to know each other.

The sexual tension and desire is strong here but alas no sexual interactions. Sounds weird, right? I mean a whole book and no sex. Well believe me, this makes it all the better. Gaaahhh…yeah cue the swoon…


I wish I could fill this review with all the beautiful quotes I highlighted and swooned over, but unfortunately my copy did not hold them.


Guess that just means I will just need to reread this one on release day with everyone else, especially since I have wanted to start it all over from the moment I finished.

While this book is the start of a trilogy and we have only tipped our toes into the depths of our dear Spencer, there is really no cliffy. This ends perfectly and yes I anxiously await the continuation but only so I can see these two unbelievable characters on the page once again.


An ARC was provided by the Author for an honest review.