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Memorizing You

Memorizing You - Dan Skinner Even after 48 hours my heart is still swelled from the emotional impact of this beautifully written piece of work by Dan Skinner. I am forever changed.

It is not often that a book can impact you in so many ways but this one did just that to me. As a mother…especially.

Your child enters this world and you immediately understand and realize that…

“you’ll do anything to protect your child from harm. You want to make certain every step they take is safe. You’d be a safety net for them every second of the day if you could. But we can’t protect you every second of the day. We can only make sure that you know we’ll always be there. That you’ll never be alone. You’ve got to make your own decisions, and your own paths. But it is important for you to know that your dad and I will always love you.”


As a parent, you want to see your child make the right steps, you want to help them, but unconditionally you want them to love and to be loved in return.

“I need to be with you. Completely. My heart hurts I want it so bad.”

“I know this sounds ridiculous,…but sometimes, I feel like I’m caught in your gravity. And no matter where I am, anywhere in the world, if I wrote ‘I love you’ on a note, and made a paper airplane and threw it in to the breeze…it would still find you. My words couldn’t escape you, any more than I can.”

Seriously, Dan?? How could anyone not want a love like this and how could a mother not want this kind of love for their child??

This story affected me most in the actions of these mothers, who for me, acted in very different ways for the “love” of their sons. One such mother, I wanted to be. Her acceptance and love and openness to these boys and equally the actions of her husband were heartfelt. Actions of another mother (which could be interpreted as a means of protection of her son) for me was unforgettable and selfish. I still cannot fathom a mother who could act in this way and so that for me was the most heartbreaking action in this entire story.

The best friends in this book were beyond unbelievable and lovely. From Rosemary to Connor, these two characters were open and honest (and quite curious) in their interactions with these boys. And the ways in which they accept and interact with Ryan and David were some of the most humorous scenes in this book.

Is this story going to affect you? YES. Is it going to rip your heart open? YES. But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. There are not many books that will affect you in such a way that they will live within you forever…but this one will. Love. Love. Love. How can you deny a heart what is wants?

”I’d like to see Ryan and me…like…when we’re fifty, still holding hands. Still looking into each other’s eyes and feeling what we feel now. To know that love, in spite of everything, can make its way through time and still be just as strong. I’d like to be able to tell someone a story like my mom and dad told me of when they met, and still have the look of love in my eyes.”


A special thanks to my dear BR friend Elsbeth for being with me on this journey…I am convinced now that no future emotional books can be done without her.

To Dan, your words have power...thank you for this journey. *smooches*

*Photograph of "Ryan and David" provided and taken by Dan Skinner.