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Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces - Riley Hart “We might be broken in so many ways, but together, we’re whole.”

Well, it would be an understatement to say I was blown away by this book. This was so much better than I ever could have imagined. I was totally prepared for a great read, to bawl my eyes out and to come away satisfied. Kleenex in hand...I went in. In the end, I never shed a tear and my face was sore from grinning so much. I loved every moment of this book except one and for those who've read this probably know which scene it was that nearly broke me. Yep...the near rape of Josiah.

Knowing going in that these three beautiful characters would end up together, I just never once saw anything that happened as angsty, never saw anything other than love in the actions of these men and never once had reservations regarding their interactions with each other.

For many, Tristan seems to be a character that people had trouble connecting with. Having issues seeing him with Josiah, the way they saw Josiah with Mateo. And granted...Josiah and Mateo knew each other first, they had a life together...so yes...it's hard to accept the new guy. But for me, this beautiful broken man was just the missing piece that I knew they had to find so his character entrance for me was so welcomed. I was most concerned however by how Riley Hart would develop the relationship between Tristan and Mateo...but this came about so amazingly well and they're love for each other never felt forced or rushed. Tristan's story for me and his healing in the arms of these two was absolute perfection.


This is not a threesome or a ménage brought together through sex...this is the joining of three broken men into a beautiful relationship. They are whole and more fulfilled together...

>i>When Tristan bent forward and kissed him, his body sang with pleasure, like it always did. The pulses of his heart became Josiah, like they always did, but there was something missing. Someone.
Tristan eased back. “You feel so damn incredible, but it like there’s an empty space, too.”

Josiah’s hands tightened in his shirt as he pressed his lips to Tristan’s again. It was in the way Josiah held him, the way he kissed him, that, as much as they loved each other, Josiah felt the same.

Tristan pulled back, grabbing Josiah’s hand, before nodding toward the building. “Come on. Let’s go get Mateo and go home.”

Honestly I am not sure the two could ultimately have been happy without the third.

“Feeling something for Tristan, no matter how new it is, doesn’t change how you feel about me. I know that because no matter how much I love him, I love you just as much. I know there are things you guys have both been through that I probably won’t ever understand, or that maybe you won’t ever tell me, but if you can share it with anyone, I want it to be each other. There are things I have with you that I don’t have with Tristan, and things I have with him that I don’t have with you. It’s like, for the first time in my life, I feel like I’m really whole, Teo.”

Writing a honest relationship like this is not an easy task...creating three characters completely devoted to each other with no jealousy is very difficult to pull off but Riley Hart did this just amazingly well.

This beauty goes easily in the top 3 MM books for me.

**Highly recommended.**