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Alasdair - Ella Frank So…it’s nearly been 2 years since I stumbled upon my first MM book and coincidentally the book was by the awesome Ella Frank. Yes, I gave Logan and Tate a “Try” and I have not looked back since. Hundreds of books later and you start to know what works and what doesn’t. So, without further ado, I give you my recipe for the perfect MM book.

**My Recipe for the Perfect MM Book**

-1 Bookish Male (Leonidas is not only Bookish...he is fierce and the perfect match for our dear Alasdair)

Wearing a white shirt and a navy-blue cardigan buttoned crookedly up the center, the man didn’t appear to be the athletic sort, which also made him a much simpler conquest. Instead, he had a bookish look about him. His sun-kissed hair was cut short at the back of his neck, but the longer strands on top of his head were all over the place in a haphazard mess, and he clutched the strap of his worn messenger bag like it was a seat belt in a speeding car.

-2 plus POV’s (yeah…call me greedy)

-Heavy dose of Sexual Tension (a must for me)

-At least 2 Sharp Teeth (Ok…so yeah it’s vampires and so this is kind of a given…but give me biting and possessive men and my eyes are rolling back in my head.)

-Desire between our MCs…and in this case so much is said mentally between them…Jesus…

-Sexual Innuendo

“Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?”
“Nice,” Alasdair said as if the word was completely foreign to him. Then he took a step towards him, and Leo had to suck in a breath to keep their bodies from touching. “I haven’t even begun to be nice to you.”
Leo refused to drop his eyes when Alasdair traced the pad of his index finger along the line of his jaw.
“But you’ll know when I do.”

-Another dash of Sexual Innuendo

“Get out of my head,” he snapped.
One of Alasdair’s black eyebrows rose, and he lowered his hand. “Consider me gone. Though it should be noted, I know you enjoyed having me in you.”

-2 cocks…but alas…with Vampires I tend to be fine with cheating ON MY RECIPE and adding more to the mix. :) *guilty pleasures* Make that third cock arrogant with a touch of jealousy and even controlling…good grief…just all you cocks get together and heat this baby up.

-Mystery, Intrigue and yes a PLOT!! (As much as I love all the hotness…a plot is kind of important.)

-And finally the cherry on top…anytime a writer can describe a male and my vision turns to David Gandy…It’s a BONUS!!! And our dear Ella, has not only done this once for me but twice. David Gandy is not only the perfect Logan but he is my possessive cocksure walking vampire, Alasdair, as well.

When the elevator announced its arrival, Leo looked up from the paper and watched the metallic doors slide open. There, standing inside, was Alasdair. Wearing all black, from his boots to his coat, and with his beautifully sculptured face, he resembled some sort of fallen angel. One who had frozen Leo.

Excuse me, I need a moment.


Now…take all ingredients, bind them in a smoking hot cover, read then repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Oh and stalk Ella Frank until she gives me the next installment!!!

A sinister smile morphed Alasdair’s lips, and he touched the tip of his tongue to the fangs elongating from his upper gums. The familiar surge of adrenaline caused his skin to come alive with awareness as his body prepared itself to do what it had been created for.

Now…I will say this…I am not sure this is a romance or even will become a romance. These are vampires. They have connections to each other that have nothing to do with love. There is desire, want and a possessive quality that is part of the ultimate and beautiful nature of a vampire. The only way Alasdair's Sire, Vasilios, is out of the picture is if he is dead…so whether that means a Menage from here on out, who knows, but this bad boy is not going anywhere. So if this bothers you…yeah, maybe this is not for you…but…

**Highly recommended.**