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A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1)

A Forbidden Rumspringa (Gay Amish Romance Book 1) - Keira Andrews Imagine growing up where everything you do, down to the length of the brim of your hat is dictated by religion.


Where interaction with the outside world, is limited to passerbys stopping in to buy goods or your occasional trip into town for supplies. When after you turn 18, you are expected to officially join the church, find a wife and start a family. In the community of Zebulon, where there are less than 200 people in total, finding love in any form would be a challenge.

So what are the odds when two young men, who soon will join the church and follow the beliefs that have been instilled upon them since birth, find each other? Can they fight what comes “natural”?


"I want it so much.”
“So do I.” David kissed him softly. “Touching you feels right. It feels…beautiful. It makes me so happy, Isaac. If it is a sin, then I’ll gladly call myself a sinner.”
Isaac stroked David’s back, his eyes closed. “Sinners both,” he whispered.

A life where touching, cuddling, or even expressing love to one another "just wasn't their way". Could this really be God's way?

He couldn’t remember ever seeing his parents so much as brush their shoulders together or touch hands. Forget kissing or hugging.
He’d wondered from time to time if it was different when his parents and other married adults were alone. Because being in the same room with David and not being able to run his palm over David’s back, or press a kiss to his neck, or feel the warmth of his breath, made Isaac ache.

How can this kind of love be denied? Be forbidden? I am left fascinated by how certain faiths can be so about following God’s way and yet throw aside what comes natural…Love. Can Isaac and David come to accept that to be happy they have to leave their family and the only life they have ever known behind?

This is an absolutely beautiful (and scorching hot) book. I am still on my emotional high from reading this (read #1) in 12 hours. I just could not put it down. A special thanks to Elsbeth for being with me along the way. Easily one of the best books I read in 2014.

Final Comment after -1st reading:

Even after 4 reads, I find myself with an even more highlighted copy, teary eyes and a full heart once again. I am anxious about what lies ahead for these two beautiful souls...I have no doubts that the road ahead will not be easy...I only hope that they remember...

"No matter what happens. I will always love you."