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Last Dance with Mary Jane

Last Dance with Mary Jane - John Goode “I’m sorry, but your time is up.”

It is these seven words that will cause you to catch your breath, grab your chest, crawl into a fetal position and just leave your face wet with tears. Imagine a love taken away from you…imagine thinking you have all the time in the world…imagine never getting to say goodbye.

This is a love so great…a love so deep that it transcends death….and a love that will make you stop and realize just how precious the time on this earth really is...how every moment can count.


Yes, this book will affect you…you will be forever changed...and it is for these reasons that it is truly brilliant.

John is blessed with a gift…with the ability to truly impact the lives of his readers through words. As I have said, I will read anything this man writes and this one could easily be one of my favorites.

And while this is not your typical HEA it is a true love story and one that will last forever. One that does not end with death.

I cannot recommend this enough. It is absolutely remarkable.