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The Island

The Island - Lisa Henry **4.5 Stars**

So I was a little scared going into this one. I had read a few reviews long ago but honestly forgot any and all details other than it might be pushing some limits for me. But, regardless, it is one that I have long owned and longed to read. And I am glad I waited. Like Nowhere Ranch, I really believe this is a book that needs to come at the right time, especially for me. A book which centers around the torture and rape **Julie’s NONO Alert!** of a prisoner who is kept confined on a secluded island is definitely not one that I should read…and yet I did and I loved every moment. Difficult yes at times but it is the way in which Lisa brings you into the mind of our dear Lee that left me totally captivated. Shaw, while dangerous himself, is nurturing and kind and the first person in eight weeks to “see” Lee as a person and not a thing.

“I just want to know, I guess. I want to know if the one person who looked me in the eye when I was at my worst could still do it now.”


Shaw sought out his hand under the sheet, and held it. He rubbed his thumb back and forth over the boy’s palm, back and forth, back and forth until the boy slipped into sleep.

And yes, believe it or not, but ole cry baby here never shed a tear. Not sure why exactly except that I knew these two would come together, that they were on this horrendous journey and that because of it they found each other.

It was just the two of them, their fingers entwined. Just the two of them and the Pacific and the stars.
Stay with me, Lee.


Simply beautiful. My only complaint would have been a little more time with the two of them during the latter part of the book. They are breathtaking together.

*highly recommended*