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Nowhere Ranch

Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan So yeah...I've now listened to the amazing narration by Iggy Toma. Just fabulous...and I am left as emotionally impacted as I was the first time (I know...it's only been two days...but still). What unbelievable characters. I still can't write a proper review so I will just continue to ramble with each re-read until my thoughts begin to make sense.


Well so I said I would write a review. For 24 hours now I've thought of nothing but this book and what the hell to say about it.

Yes it's kinky kinky but boy did it work here...and boy did it work for me. I truly believe this book has to land on the reader at just the right time on their MM reading journey. Too soon and the kink could scare the reader off because all they would see is the kink. Well I'm here to tell you that the kink is necessary here...it works and it's not what the book only consists of. The relationship and character development of our two men was unbelievably rich and beautiful to watch unfold.

Plus add one of the most passionate best friends that I've seen. Haley is sweet but fierce and her scene near the end of the book had me cheering her name through the tears on my face.

Now...is this the review I wanted to write??? NO. Is this my final review??? NO. So, what am I to do?? Well...how about I buy the audio and start the beautiful story all over again. Yes. Yes. That's exactly what I will do.

Until then..here are a few quotes in addition to the beautiful quotes below in my updates that left me pretty breathless.

He came in slow. He had his eyes on me the whole time, hard and strong, which was the only thing keeping me from turning away. Until the last second I thought he was going to do something kinky, like bite me or lick my lips. That would have been fine. But after he bent down, my unsteady breath against his mouth, he kissed me. Soft. Sweet. Unbearably gentle. It made me feel jangly and strange. Made me ache, made me hurt. Made me want to turn away, and I started to.

My whole body gave over to him. My body trusted him, not just my mind. Trusted him with everything.

I was never the devil, and I didn’t deserve to be treated like one. Hate can never be love, not for any excuse.


And I failed to mention that the cover of this book so beautifully represents the story within. I love it.