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Out of Nowhere (Middle of Somewhere Book 2)

Out of Nowhere (Middle of Somewhere Book 2) - Roan Parrish image

Well nearly 3 months into 2016 and my list of favorite books of the year continues to grow. But this one lands near the top of the stack for me. This is absolutely my kind of book and as I've said I think better than the first.

There is no doubt that Rex and Daniel's story was explosive but this for me dove deeper into the painful pasts of these characters and their connection both emotionally and physically were some of the most passionate I've read. Rafe could SEE Colin for the man he truly is.

“Armor,” he goes on. “Armor’s not dangerous. That’s for survival. It’s weapons you have to watch out for. And you—” He strokes my lips with his thumb. “It’s mostly armor, Colin. And when you’re with me, the armor falls away. Who you are without it… it’s beautiful.”

In addition to them is the ability to see Colin in a completely different way. To get his perspective on Daniel...On the reasons he was a bastard to his brother and while you want to hate Colin, I just couldn't. The scenes from book 1 retold here are some of the most amazingly written scenes and add to this an emotional discussion held between these two, I was just overwhelmed.

I wanted to hate the father...I did and yet I couldn't. This man emotionally died when his wife died and he was never the same. The death of their mother stole the heart and soul from this family and for any of these boys to find love and accept the love of another has been such a beautiful journey to see unfold. Brian, for me, was shattered in so many ways. I'd love his story as well.

I eagerly await more from Roan Parrish. She has a gift, there is no doubt.

*Highly Recommended*