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Chance: Episode Seven (The Demon Gate Series Book 7)

Chance: Episode Seven (The Demon Gate Series Book 7) - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan *4.5 Bellaholic Stars*

Damn. Damn. Damn. Another installment down and now another wait. I NEED MORE!!!

This series continues to take shape and the storyline is developing quite nicely, I must say, although I am still a little puzzled over the woman on the cover and who she is exactly. *scratches head*

Brian and Raphael can blow the covers off this series for sure....phew they are HOT HOT HOT!! I love them and their relationship while unconventional for sure, is true. I refuse to believe anything or anyone can come between them. The words and actions between them in this installment rise to a whole new level of intimacy...which was amazing.

Adriel can continue to step on legos. I will never like this character.

Rohan is damn intriguing. While he has a bit of fun with our boys, and while it seems off putting at times, it really wasn't. I understood this and Brian and Raphael make it ok.

We meet the fabulous ginger Demon, Agent Wheeler...my my my. *huge heart eyes for this guy*

And the cliffhanger?!?! Well, well, well...unbelievable and intriging...and the fact that Raphael felt what was coming as well as Brian, made this all the better.