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Kage Unmasked

Kage Unmasked - Maris Black **My Spoiler Free Series Review**

So it's honestly been a while since I was so consumed by a series. Left struggling through the day until I could pick the story back up…constantly thinking about what was happening and what was to come. Consumed. Consumed. Consumed.

I have elected to write one review associated with these three books as this is truly one book broken into three parts and thank god I decided to wait and do my “consuming” of this in one fell swoop.

Jamie and Kage’s story is no doubt rough but undeniably passionate. Their journey has just the right amount of sexual tension and the buildup to their first kiss is quite explosive. Just like them.

This is not all kittens and rainbows but it is also not without heart. There is never a time that anything happens without consent, without desire. This book is about trust and about the needs that these men have that can only be met by the other.


Maris Black beautifully depicts this love and how she decided to format this story is brilliant. While the first is told solely from Jamie’s POV it is done so on purpose. We are left wondering even more who Kage really is, what he truly feels inside, why he does some of the things he does and how those actions impact him as a man, and as a lover. And to finally get Kage’s POV and get inside this beautiful character’s head in book 2 made the journey all the more richer.

Kage is mysterious and dangerous but it is with Jamie and Jamie alone that he can be vulnerable.

The rare glimpses of his vulnerability always shocked me, because he seemed so confident and strong. It was easy to forget he was just a man— with feelings, and a heart, and weaknesses. The fact that I was a source of weakness for him was especially humbling. - Jamie

He whimpered, sputtered tears everywhere, and dug his forehead painfully into my collarbone. I just held him, trying to be everything to him, knowing I was nothing but a warm place to bury his pain. But that’s what he needed, and that’s what I’d be.
- Jamie

And to see Kage and his undeniable love for Jamie is so heartfelt.

There was no mistaking the sentiment behind the photo. It was a glimpse into the heart of my attraction for Jamie, and the memory of the feeling was so powerful that it made my heart skip a beat. - Kage

Not since "The Temptation Series" have I felt so strongly about a trilogy. Needing more. And if you know me, there are often times I just don’t need more. I can stop and be content with the story in my head. But just like Ella Frank’s Tate and Logan, I’m addicted to love shared between Maris Black’s Jamie and Kage. I can only hope that we continue to get more of them. Their future “2 days” is needed. And in addition, there are just some fantastic side characters in this series who need their own time on page.


I anxiously await a reread of this series as it is now risen to the top of my favorite books list.

***Highly Recommended for Immediate Consumption***