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Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux 4,5 stars

You know there are some books in a series which lord, you love, you hate, you want to throw, you want to kiss.  This one was all that and more. Definitely not my favorite of the series but by no means my least favorite either.  But gawd damn...this book hurt.

I mean, I knew going in that this book would feel 180 degrees different from Stars and Stripes.  My fellow BRers had indicated as much but nothing prepared me for the bitch slapping I felt I took at some of these revelations. 

Our boys are hateful to each other and truly reach a point that you begin to wonder if there is any way back.  The words, the actions and the secrets are just painful to experience.

"Well forgive me if I don't believe a goddamn word you say."

Argh...I need to vomit. 

There are however some shining moments as well...the Sidewinders, specifically Nick and Kelly bring a new dynamic into the group. And of course the City of New Orleans plays an integral character this go around.  But best of all...that badass motherfucker on a bike.

Some of the story got a bit jumbled for me and honestly with everything going on relationship wise, I almost wanted to skip past the running around and get onto making amends.

It comes and while the journey was painful, the love between these two is stronger.  

"I need to be able to trust you, Ty," he whispered. 

"You can.  I swear you can. I'd die for you, Zane." 

Zane's heart was in his throat as he studied Ty's profile. "I know."

I absolutely love these two.

A fabulous BR with Momo, Marte and Elsbeth.  Thank you Momo for the book!

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The picture showed Zane stretched out on the bed in the background, hands behind his head as he leaned against the headboard. He was smirking, an almost mischievous expression that was accented by smile lines and the streaks of gray hair at his temples, bare feet crossed at the ankles, biceps displayed prominently. Ty sat at the end of the bed in the foreground, leaning toward the camera, knees apart, elbows resting on them. He held a pair of handcuffs with one finger, letting them dangle.
Wow...that's pretty damn close. *wiggles eyebrows*


Anyone who knew Ty may have said differently, but Zane knew he had a knack for sentimental gestures. Of the two of them, Ty was the real romantic.


“Let’s get to the bed,” he managed to grumble. “Last time we did this against a wall, my calves cramped for a week. And my back has been killing me the last couple days.”


“Making friends?”
Zane shook his head. “Arranging a tryst for later tonight.”
“Oh yeah?” Ty asked, his tone as casual as Zane’s had been. “Well, what happens in NOLA . . . goes home with an STD."


He suddenly looked like a man who’d been carrying a great weight, and Zane knew there were other secrets Ty carried, secrets as big as this one. Secrets that weighed on him in ways no one could understand by merely looking at his façade.


“I’ve always been alone!”


"It was you."


"Do I know Ty Grady at all?”
“If you have to ask that, I guess not.”



Zane lay where he was, unable to move even if he’d wanted to. He snaked a hand across the short distance between them and slid his fingers into Ty’s. Ty’s hand closed around his with a gentle squeeze.


"I'm yours."