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Cronin's Key II

Cronin's Key II - N.R. Walker 3,5 stars

I am not sure I have struggled with a rating as much as I have this one.  Most definitely not as good as the first, but it had some great moments.  The connection between these two continues to be the driving force of this story and is told in beautiful Walker style. I could have easily given this story 5 stars if this had been the bulk of the story...but alas...it's the side story that brought this baby down.  Things definitely picked up in the second have but it was too little too late for me.  Jodis and Eiji were not near as impressive as they were in the first...almost non-existant in their roles.  But I quickly loved the wit and humor of newcomer Kennard...I want more of him.

I am still puzzled by there being a third book...are we getting another character or will something come to up to threaten these two once again?? *heavy sigh* if the later is the case.

In the end, I had a good time with this.  Overall maybe a 4 but throw in some story inconsistencies, repeated statements and decriptions, and overall a lack of flow drops this one even further.

And this picture is too good not to include here...because the biting was off the charts HOT!

Release Day BR with Elsbeth, Marte, Paul, and Marco 

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Enter Jorge...


Cronin took a deep breath and realized that was probably not wise. The scent of Alec’s blood filled his nose, his throat, his senses. He wanted to taste it, and he wanted no one else to touch it. Every fiber in his body told him to kill the threat that touched his blood, his Alec. His body thrummed with danger and an energy he could barely contain.


Cronin pulled Alec against him and Alec melted. Overwhelmed by what he’d just learned, Alec allowed himself to be held, to be protected, cradled by arms that made him feel safe and warm.
Just edit the other storyline out of this book...because this is all I need...Alec and Cronin


“I hate that you must endure this.”
Alec sat up straight and pulled back a little so he could look into Cronin’s eyes. “I know you do. But Cronin, it doesn’t matter what I have to go through. As long as I get you forever, then it’ll all be worth it.”


Alec wrapped his arms around him as Cronin collapsed on top of him. Alec loved the weight of his body pressing down on him, and he tightened his hold. Cronin was purring and mumbling nonsensical things Alec couldn’t make out. He kissed the side of Cronin’s head, and just before he fell asleep, he whispered something Cronin had once said to him. “Rug mi ort, m’cridhe.”
I have you, my heart.


Cronin sat beside him, their sides touching at all times, as Alec went from scrolling through websites to jotting down notes on his notepad. Alec could feel the heavy weight Cronin endured, because it pressed against his chest also. They were right. Alec agreed, that the bond between him and Cronin was morphing into something else. The pull, the union between them, was getting stronger. Whatever Cronin felt, Alec felt. They could barely stand not being in the same room as each other; the anxiousness and unease was almost too much for them. And they both felt a sweet relief, a lightness of heart, when they touched. Like they could breathe again. It was incredibly intense and wonderful.


“It’s not the luxury I love here. I mean, it’s nice, don’t get me wrong. But it’s because you’re here. Your belongings, the things you hold dear. It feels like you.” Even in the darkened room, Alec could see Cronin blush a little. He cupped his cheek to feel the spread of warmth there. “Will this always be our home?”
Cronin’s eyes fluttered closed and he gasped in a quiet breath. Cronin took a moment before speaking. “It thrills me still to hear you say such words. Our home. I’d not have believed two simple words could steal my breath.”


“Alec,” Cronin shook his head. His eyes were full of tears, his hands were trembling. “Tell me what to do?”


Cronin shook his head and breathed through the pain. The hum in his chest was almost unbearable. “It should only be me.” He took the wooden stake, and he looked to Jodis and Eiji. “If this doesn’t work and he lives no more, promise me you will do the same to me.”


‘When the red hand holds the key, forever is in the stones.’