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Cronin's Key

Cronin's Key - N.R. Walker 4,5 stars

So...yes it's been said...NR Walker could write anything and I'll read it. She has written about some amazing relationships and while I'm still making my way through her many books, she just has a way of pulling you in, and leaving you breathless for more.  So what to do when she writes a book about vampires...well you READ IT of course!!

First off this book is very different from other Walker books.  If you are looking for a romance with a side story about vampires then this may not be the book for you.  This is first a foremost a book about vampires. I know...vampires...and yes Walker even jokes about this within the book.  Lord it's been done but Walker manages to pull you into a rich history that for me was just brilliantly developed. New theories, new perspectives...all while leaving the sparkle and caskets behind. 

Now there is a romance too...a fated love which so worked for me. Alec and Cronin were hesitant to the point that you're begging Cronin to just bite him already...but it was worth the wait.  Their fated love viewed by others in the book were some of my favorite moments. 

And amongst the history was some perfect banter and comedy.  Eiji was a highlight...his sideline giggles over these two not to mention his badassery was fantastic. And yes...Momo nailed it with her casting of this character.  Phew.

A BR with Susan, Sonia, Nathan, Elsbeth, Marte and Momo...we were kinda all over the place with our views so clearly it's not for everyone.  I ate this up though and was left wanting more!


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Damn...1 chapter in and this shit is good!!! Happy day!!!


"Back the fuck away from him."
*wiggles eyebrows* Possessive much?


A vampire’s mouth was at his neck, and all Alec could do was stretch to give him more skin, silently urging him to do it, to sink his teeth into him. He wanted it, God, like he’d never wanted anything else.
I got nothing. Phew!


"Your accent is sexy as hell."
Gawd...where is Jason Frazier when you need him.


It was as though he was jealous. So Alec slid in closer to Cronin, keeping a hand on him at all times. It wasn’t like him to be possessive like that, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted there to be no mistake, human or not, Cronin was spoken for.
Love that!


“So you just wanted me to put my arms around you, for no other reason than your own satisfaction?” Alec asked.
Cronin looked him in the eye. “Yes. The very first time, in the police station, I needed to feel you against me. I thought I’d rather die if you didn’t.”




"You are safe, my heart."


“I don’t dare harm you,” he whispered, his voice a husky rumble.
“You won’t."



"I cannot consider a reality in which you do not exist."


Phew...all this growling and purring...


A week ago, Alec would have bristled at the suggestion that he belonged to anyone. Now he smiled. “I would not assume to correct an Elder, but you are mistaken,” Alec said with a smile. “It is Cronin who belongs to me.”
Love Alec!




Cronin wrapped his arms around him, and each man held on as tight as they dared. Alec ignored how the skin on his hand protested, he simply let himself cry and let himself be held in the strongest, safest arms he’d ever known.