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Red Dirt Heart 4

Red Dirt Heart 4 - N.R. Walker ...and they lived happily ever after.

To quote Charlie...

"Yeah, I got nothing."

Ms. Walker has set the bar high.  I'm not sure anyone can top the love I have for Travis and Charlie.  My heart is full.

Status Updates:
1% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: *taps toes awaiting arrival*
Need some sweet lovin'...my boy Darrow is breaking my heart...I need a change of scenery...like now!

6% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: "Just knowing you said yes will always be enough."
"Just knowing you asked me is enough too."

❤️❤️❤️ Oh how I love them. ❤️❤️❤️
But I still want that wedding! ;)

13% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Gaaaahhhh...just when I think I love Travis more, Charlie knocks me upside the head. Charlie is currently in the lead. ❤️

20% done with Red Dirt Heart 4:

25% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Two steps forward, one step back.

30% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: When Charlie shook his hand, I wondered what it took for Martin not to cringe at the strength of Charlie’s grip. Martin’s hand was a limp, cold fish, and Charlie’s was a warm, strong, rough rancher’s hand.
Is it just me or is anyone else turned on by Travis' description of Charlie's hands. Whew.

36% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Soft touches. Tight embraces. Slow, deep kisses and hand holding. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love him anymore than I already did...

40% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: "You belong to me."

50% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Charlie...I...I...you...amaze...me...I'm...uh...*grabs more kleenex*

54% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Charlie smiled at me as she took her sweets from his hand, the kind of smile that made my heart beat itself all out of rhythm.
It was late one night and we were in bed. Charlie had spent all day in the yard with her, and after two weeks of daily trust- earning, he was tired. We were on our sides, looking at each other, our hands joined on the bed between us.

Someone is going to have to come get me off the floor as I have melted all over it! Gaaaahhh

58% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: A spoiler only cause it's too sweet not to read it as part of the book. “You don’t need to look after me,” I told him. My voice sounded strange and pathetic, even to me.
“Oh, Trav,” he whispered. “In sickness and in health, right?”
I was so sick, and I was so grateful for him, for how much he loved me, that it brought tears to my eyes.
And there, sitting on the bathroom floor, he gently stroked my hair until I fell asleep.

66% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: And the hits keep coming...I'm...

68% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Couldn't help it...I loved this!
“I swear to the Lord above. I would pay someone a hundred bucks right now to download a Bruce Willis movie just to shut you up.”

72% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: A serious spoiler meant only for those who have read this!!!
I pulled the blankets over us and held him tight against me. “Who’s been in this bed with me?” I asked.
He mumbled sleepily into my shirt. “Only me.”
"Who am I in love with?”
“Only me.”
"Who did I swear my heart to? With the desert as my witness, who became my husband?”
I felt him smile against my chest. “Only me.”
I kissed the side of his head, and we slept.

91% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Again only if you have read open...
She slept in her own bed most of the time, but sometimes she climbed into bed with us in the middle of the night. Her favourite spot was right between us, usually sleepin’ sideways.
Needless to say, it did little for our sex life.
But that was parenthood, I guessed. And it also didn’t help that most nights we fell into bed too damn exhausted to do anything anyway.
Well...hahaha...this is certainly accurate!!

100% done with Red Dirt Heart 4: Finished