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Sideline Submission

Sideline Submission - Kora Knight 4.5 stars

To quote Tad..."Oh-for the love-of god." 

So I have to be honest...before this series I had read very little BDSM or really any PWP...my friends on here, have a way of tempting me.  So tempted I was with this.  The first...blew me away!  (See my review here.)  And I thought to myself...PWP??  But what's up with that ending?  Am I to expect a relationship between these two??

Then the second (see my review here)...my gawwd..these two are unbelievable together but damn...

Then came this...I was a hot mess from the start.  Tad's inner monologue hit me right in the feels and god dammit...I was...

...swooning over Scott from the moment we met up with him on the street!  


Oh this was perfect!! Kora...you have a gift, honey!!  The emotional connection and relationship developing between these two just had me melting all over the place.  


Because Scott lit his insides like nobody else. And Tad wasn’t referring to just his groin. The guy sparked an odd kind of sunlight in his chest. Those big warm eyes, that great fucking smile. All those cool things he’s said. Hell, he’d been drawing Tad in all along but he’d been too dense to realize.

Theirs is not a conventional romance...and even touching each other is a new experience. 

It donned on Tad then that he rarely ever touched Scott, even when they sexually engaged. Yet, that hadn’t been the case with Scott. Whenever their crazy little freak train got rolling, his hands were constantly on Tad.
But damn, the sound Scott just made Tad touched him? It was like he’d been starving for his touch.

And and and...then there's Max...

Honestly...he's the sole reason that this did not land 5 stars from me.  Yes the voyeurism aspect of this was hot but reading about Max and Sean took up too much precious page time for me.  Not to mention he interrupted one of the hottest moments for me...damn you Max!

As for what's next between these two...lord my imagination is running wild.  Hints of role reversal and a meet up at Tad's place??

Just leave Max at home! 

BR Frisky Friday (shit...at work) :/ November 21st!