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Sweetwater - Lisa Henry

So yes, this has been me.  How do I rate a book so beautifully written and portrayed that at the same time nearly drove me to vomiting during several scenes.  It's a difficult position for a reader and reviewer to be in.  Lisa Henry created an amazingly heartbreaking character in our sweet Elijah. His deafness, his insecurities and how he values himself pulled me into his world something fierce. Just depicted beautifully.

Personally, this book contains some nono's for me that were very hard for me to take.  <spoiler> The scenes between Elijah and Crane especially.  Up until 70% these were difficult but never crossed what I consider to be rape...are they hard to read...yes, but they are consensual. At 70% I nearly had to stop. When the word "No" is used...that's rape. </spoiler>

Was this scene necessary...unfortunately, I think it was.  I believe it was part of the journey that Elijah was on, so not continuing would not have been fair.  Is this a HEA...<spoiler>not on page really but I do see a glimpse of what's to come.  It's a long journey ahead for these two as our Grady attempts to "tame" the wildness which is instilled in Elijah. </spoiler>In the end, I am glad I read this.  I consumed this in one day and lived to tell the tale.  Is it one I will reread...no, but I pushed myself and that for me was important.  

So the book gets 5 stars...the reader's personal enjoyment 3 stars...overall a solid 4 star read.  

Emotional BR with Elsbeth, Marte, Momo, Marco and Nathan - we were certainly all over the place with our feelings on this one. 

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