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Heatstroke - Taylor V. Donovan <4.5 Stars</b>

Updated Comments from a "Slightly" more Stabilized Reader:

So have you ever picked a book and known absolutely nothing about it???  In my house we joke about a scene in "Look Who's Talking" with John Travolta...in that movie there is a scene where John's character comes home carrying canned goods with no label...only to say "Could be peaches, could be creamed corn."  So I literally went into this book feeling like I was opening one of those cans. In addition to that there are really no reviews to speak of and honestly I did not even read the blurb.

So without giving away what all is in this can of goodies, I will say this...

It is breathtaking
It is mysterious
It is heartbreaking
It is passionate
It is lovely
and above all else
It is surprising...

...and surprising on so many levels...not only within the story but in the way I was swept off my feet and left in tears over the brilliant love expressed between these two men...and top that off with these expressions of love being apart of found journals!!!  I am a sucker for love letters and journals so this just hit all the right buttons for me.

While this is the extended addition, I couldn't help but want more on Michael's father and on the relationship between Michael and his best friend Charlie.

Just a wonderful surprise journey!  Highly recommended.

Initial Comments from a Emotional Lunatic Reader:

What the fuck??  I am a wreck...an absolute wreck!  And on top of that I'm absolutely blown away by what I just experienced with this book!!  Emotional, heartbreaking but an honest to god beautiful love affair told through journal entries that...that...I'm just at a loss for words.  Picked on a whim based on the cover photo, I knew nothing about this book at all.  Man...I'm shocked! It has a few issues, but nothing I got hung up over...I was pulled in from the first letter and was soon brought to tears...so yeah, it worked for me!!

Impromptu BR with Elsbeth...a great find!

Other edition cover...so yeah we picked this since the image is what is on Elsbeth's profile pages...that's a good enough reason to pick it up, don't you think??