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Be a Bad Boy

Be a Bad Boy - Lee Brazil 4.5 Stars

I have to tell you...I ate this up with a spoon...just sweet sweet sweet!!  As with many of these shorties that I have read...they are SHORT...and I am begging for more. This one is certainly no different. There is some insta-love here and some very quick declarations of "make love to me" that could have used some additional development but I could care less honestly.  The steaminess between these two was felt immediately.  Sully and Devyn were just perfect for me. And the moments they shared with Kail were just touching and memorable. Maybe this is because some of these moments all these years later are still so memorable for me.  Snuggling with your babies at this age is just something I am not sure I will ever forget.  BR quickie with Elsbeth

some pics...because, you know momma here, just can't resist...

Devyn and Kail

Highly recommended!