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Blindside - N.R. Walker Alright...so first off this book is about Mark...

Yes, I fell in love with this guy in Book 1 of this series no doubt.  So I was super excited to learn that the 3rd of the series is his story.  

He's a player, yes, but he's charming, he's adorable, he's funny as hell and he absolutely loves his friends.  But gaaaahhhhh...this poor guy is just dumb as a rock when it comes to love.

"Hello McFly!!"

FFS, this aspect of the story was just exhausting.  

I adored Will and his clear love for Mark was pretty wonderful AND AS PLAIN AS THE NOSE ON HIS FACE!!! And yet...he never tells Mark about how he is feeling for fear of losing him. This is just unfortunate for everyone involved and painful to experience at times.

Now while there is no cheating, IMO, there is one scene that honestly just left me stunned.

Is this happening??? 

In the end, yes, everything works out just fine...they get their HEA and honestly it is WONDERFUL!!  

The true highlight of this book however...is Isaac.  Even as a blind man, he sees more clearly that anyone else in this series and I love him even more for it.  And I adore the fact that Carter and Isaac get plenty of page time in this book.  They are just fantastic as always.  Plus the flirting between Mark and Isaac is just so lovable.

Is this a great end to this series?  Not really...I mean yes...there are wonderful HEA all around but honestly, I could have used a little less BLINDNESS on the part of Mark...and a little more of him being BLINDSIDED as he discovered love for the first time.

Still worth the read but easily my least favorite of the three.

Gif note...so yes...the "Hello McFly" started this off and I just went from there.  :)