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To Catch A Fox

To Catch A Fox - Geoffrey Knight, Ethan Day

So ever feel like you just watched the best movie in your head, and all you want to do is start all over and do it again.  This is exactly how I felt with this book.  This book just had it all for me…



Fantastically awesome (and hot) MC’s

The Big Easy/New Orleans Setting

Witty Dialog/Banter

Sexual Tension

Internal Struggle with Intimacy

Pee in your pants hilarious moments

Hot sex … I repeat … hot sex




Classic Movie References

A white alligator

A let’s not forget...

The most resourceful use of a pair of briefs…

This is a must read!  What is not to like about this? NOTHING!  I will eagerly be awaiting the sequel…


*Nicely stalks Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day*

Hey guys!  *knocks*  Are you in there working on this???

Just a fabulous impromptu read with my girl Elsbeth!  

Status Updates:
1% done with To Catch a Fox: "...I'm tempted to instantly gratify myself and put the first bullet right between your legs. In terms of size, it certainly looks like the easiest target."

6% done with To Catch a Fox: I can so clearly see this house..."De La Fontaine" as this...
This house was seen in "The Skeleton Key".

9% done with To Catch a Fox: "Why the hell you got enraged females chasing you around in the dark trying to kill you!"..."What the hell kinda homosexual are you, anyway?"

14% done with To Catch a Fox: Maybe she's watched too many episodes of Murder She Wrote and has delusions over becoming a real-life Jessica Fletcher.

17% done with To Catch a Fox: "If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black. You each look like somethin' Satan sired for the sole purpose of sinnin'." -Leigh

26% done with To Catch a Fox: "I won't be attempting to force myself upon you, if that's what your're worried about," Jon said, arms folded as he leaned against the door frame.
"Please." Tucker scoffed as if truly impressed. "After the night I've had, fending off your possible unwanted advances would seem like a trip to Disneyland."
31% done with To Catch a Fox: "What I must've done in a past life to have deserved everything that's happened to me this evening? Who the fuck was I - Hitler!?"
"Past life?" Fox asked, sneering. "That's California talking. Did that Shirley MacLaine do something to you?"

31% done with To Catch a Fox: "I'm a private detective, you wing nut."
"Huh?" Tucker's forehead scrunched up, confusion settling in yet again. "Detecting my privates, perhaps."

ROFL...loving these two.

32% done with To Catch a Fox: "Good morning," Tucker said, sniffing the air like a deer in the woods. "You do know that big-ass gator is masticating on some sort of bloody hunk of meat out in the middle of the courtyard?"
Fox nodded, clearing his throat. "Just a piece of a guy I brought out here and had sex with last weekend."


33% done with To Catch a Fox: "And here I'd almost forgotten the creepy fact you've been following me around for God knows how long."
Fox grinned, turning on the charm. "It was most certainly not creepy from where I sat."
Tucker tried to force back a smile. "It is wrong on so many levels that I find you attractive right now. I must be way more sick in the head than I'd originally feared."
"One can only hope."


39% done with To Catch a Fox: "Tucker, meet Eva. Eva, this is Tucker. And no, it's not what you think."
"Well, it is a little what you think." Tuck shrugged matter-of-factly, pointing in Fox's direction. "But, Handsy, the one man-horn-dog band here started all that."
"I don't buy that for one minute, honey-child. It takes two to make it a band, and you look like you've been itchin' to play since you first figured out how to pluck you own string."

*picks self up off floor*

43% done with To Catch a Fox: "I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille."

49% done with To Catch a Fox: "There was a guy! Hiding behind the containers! Jesus, he was scarier than a bunch of Christian campers staging a tent revival!"
<3 Tucker<br/>
51% done with To Catch a Fox: "Oh, and by the way, if you bleed out during the night and die, your boyfriend there'll have to pay to have the sheets cleaned. Have a nice stay."
Eeeewwww...this implies the sheets are not cleaned unless someone dies. I go a little nuts over hotel cleanliness...bedspreads and carpet.
:/. *shivers*

Course with this dump it should be expected...but I'd be in a hazmat suit. Lol

55% done with To Catch a Fox: Whew!!!

57% done with To Catch a Fox: "I'm just hung over, that's all." Fox said, seeming instantly irritated.
"No shocker there, it was like an evening with Johnny Cash in here last night."


57% done with To Catch a Fox: I could quote this entire book. *holds back spamming your news feeds to death*

57% done with To Catch a Fox: "Will you shut the fuck up," Tucker said with a frustrated sigh. "Christ on a cracker you piss and moan worse than anyone I've ever known."

57% done with To Catch a Fox: "You drive me slightly insane, I think."
"Don't put that off on me." Tucker pushed him back far enough to slip out from in between his arms and took Fox by the hand, leading him toward the stairs. "You were fucked long before I entered the picture."

57% done with To Catch a Fox: "Those aren't Tic Tacs, you know? ... And it wouldn't hurt so much if you bent at the knees instead of the waist."
"We aren't married yet, so how 'bout you try not to concern yourself with what I put into my mouth...While we're at it, let's try to refrain from making any comments about knees and bending over."

57% done with To Catch a Fox: OK last one...for now. :)
"You even capable of quiet?"
"Only when horny assholes stop asking me fucking questions."
"All right, simmer down." Fox laughed. "Point taken."

OMG...the sexual tension between these two is just so so so good.

61% done with To Catch a Fox: “I still can’t figure out why she dragged me into it.” Tucker said.
“I was just thinking the same thing. She probably knew I’d not be able to resist a piece of man-ass as hot as yours,” Fox said, now slightly more agitated.
“Thanks… I think . Not sure how I feel about being relegated to little more than an orifice for your dick, but I’ve never been one to turn my nose up at a compliment.”

76% done with To Catch a Fox: On this episode of Lifestyles of Sick and Demented we travel to the backwoods of Deliverance-ville, Louisiana, to meet a deadbeat daddy and his back door whore.

82% done with To Catch a Fox: Tucker needed Jon, Jon needed Tucker...

94% done with To Catch a Fox: He'd never been in love like this before and now understood how powerfully dangerous it could be. As frightened as he'd been trapped underwater while struggling with all his might to hold his breath, this was more terrifying, like being left just on the brink of drowning with no idea how long it might last.