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Takeover - Anna Zabo Loved loved loved this couple!!!!! 5 Stars for them, no question.

Unfortunately the business aspects of this dragged it down a bit. Bummer. But regardless, this couple, their connection, the BDSM aspects (which were much lighter than in book 2) and the love that is developed between them totally makes this book a win in my opinion.

It ended a bit abruptly honestly and not seeing either of the MC's in book 2 was a little awkward. Typically you get something, right? A glimpse, a mention, something. And yet, no.

Overall, I think you could read these two in either order. I liked seeing this couple in the second book first and then getting their story. Plus now I might just need to reread book 2 to see them again.

“I want this, Michael. Crave it. What you do—it’s so far away from a punch in the face or a kick to the ribs or having your leg stomped on”—his breath caught—“ it might as well be another planet.” Sam ran a hand over Michael’s shoulder, down his pecs, as if mapping the contours with his hand. “You’re loving. Careful.” He looked up. “And I can stop you with a word.”