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The Perfect Place

The Perfect Place - Kol Anderson image

That was easily one of the stupidest books I have ever read. I can't even with this ridiculousness. And apparently this book is 277 pages...there is no fucking way it's over 150. Perhaps the missing 100 plus pages would have shed light on this but I'm afraid I would have slit my wrists had it been any longer. The only thing that would have made this better would have been if every character had ended up in the morgue. Good grief.

Status Updates:
8% done with The Perfect Place: For every good thing about Jax, there’s also something deeply disturbing just waiting to ambush you. The last thing I want is to fall into that trap. The last time I got caught, it took everything away from me and left me bare and senseless, with no one around to hear me cry for help.

16% done with The Perfect Place: “You drew me all in red. I’m not wearing red.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
I look at the painting again. “It does look like me,” I say. Perhaps I too, saw something that no one else could see.
If only I had seen the future.
I might have run as far away from that drawing as possible.

Very intriguing start.

36% done with The Perfect Place: Humphrey Bogart played a lot of gangsters in his life, but his Rick Blaine has to be the most perfect rendition of a man so utterly in love that he refuses to see anything beyond it. A love that gives you everything just as it takes everything away from you. A love that has the power to transform a former freedom fighter into a cynical lonely man, devoid of all real emotion.
Movie ends, credits roll and I find myself a little lost in the whole experience. It’s when you look at a poignant piece of art that you’re truly able to appreciate beauty. It’s not the object itself that affects you but the artist’s vision of it that lingers in your memory for longer than you can imagine.

40% done with The Perfect Place: So this is what happens to Lee when he goes off his meds. Nice.

41% done with The Perfect Place: This is what happens when Julie goes off hers. I am so confused.

56% done with The Perfect Place: “I don’t know what’s going on with you. You’re acting strange.”
I’m acting strange? He has knocking sounds coming from his store-room and bloodstains on his laundry, and I’m acting strange? “I don’t know what you mean.”

65% done with The Perfect Place: “You were having an affair with someone and you’re telling me I should say sorry to you and beg you to stay?”
Laughing at this point is probably not the emotion I should be having.

74% done with The Perfect Place: Another book of nonsense, douchebags and doormats. Can we get back to the fuckery that was Jax's basement?

82% done with The Perfect Place: "...he has an inheritance he lives off of..."