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Maps - Nash Summers “Maps,” Lane said quietly, “be mine, even just for a little while.”

That was just not near long enough!!!!!!! Gaaaaahhhh. *pouts*

Highly recommended.

Status Updates:

21% done with Maps: “You’re not going to replace me, I hope,” Benji joked. “This Lane guy sounds like he’s got all the makings for a new best friend.”
"Oh, please. You know you’re irreplaceable. Until one day I get a robot, of course. Then you’re out of the picture for sure.”
“Of course.”

27% done with Maps: “Can I wear your glasses?”
“Oh sure,” Maps said. “Why would I need to see anything? Highly overrated, since right now you look like a talking dog.”

Love this kid's humor.

42% done with Maps: This was one of those times where Maps wished Mr. Rogers did wear a cardigan—he’d look a lot less threatening if he was yelling at them while wearing a cardigan. No one could look threatening wearing a cardigan.
Maps absently looked down at the yellow cardigan he was wearing.
Well, shit.


63% done with Maps: If you ever get lost, just follow the lane, and you’ll find your way home.

70% done with Maps: Lane turned around and looked at Maps in silence. After a few moments, he walked over to the edge of the bed, right in front of Maps, pulled his red ball cap off by the brim, and then carefully fit it on Maps’ head.
“No. You really aren’t like anyone else, Maps.”

92% done with Maps: Maps thought that if he could make an experiment to create a world full of Lane’s, well, that would be a world Maps wouldn’t mind living in.
So sad that this is nearly over :-(