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rock - Anyta Sunday 2.5 Stars

I am delirious from lack of sleep and this book is not helping. After finishing my third "ERF" (Emotional Read Friday) selection with Elsbeth, I am left in such a funk that I am just beside myself. WTF did I just put myself through??

First off...this book is fantastically written. The rocks are beyond amazing and just the most beautiful companion to this story, carried through flawlessly from start to finish. I want my own rock collection.

The love between these two boys is just all together lovely. Yes, there are struggles but nothing is insurmountable and their discovery of each other for the first 57% of this book..just breathtaking. (And the sex within the book was off the charts!) But...fuck me...

The next 40% of this book is painful! and unnecessary. These are not two boys living in a situation where there are concerns over acceptance from their friends and family...this is not a situation where their love is a sin to everyone around them...or heaven forbid they are pulled apart by forces outside their fucking control...this is a situation that could have been resolved as quickly as this...


Would it have hurt??? Possibly...but definitely not anymore than the 5 FUCKING YEARS OF PAIN that they put each other (and ME) through!!! Jace was "A FOOL"!!! I just wanted to strangle these boys...and the parents..and the sister. They could see their pain and said NOTHING for these years they spent apart?? The mother would have said something if their love for each other had been a concern...surely! They were not blind to their love! And the part that killed me the most was Lila's conversation with Connor about Jace. Just shoot me in the heart with this. Time wasted!!

HEA...ok yeah, (and the book ended on a high note) but the pain and frustration to get there was unnecessary. I am still mad at this book. Sidenote...emotional torture and need to smack one of your main characters upside the head should not fill nearly half the book...good heavens!
Ok I have ranted enough. Obviously from the other ratings torture is enjoyable. ;)

Thanks Elsbeth for holding my hand!