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Embraced - Nicholas Bella Even better the second time around. Foreshadowing of things to come and seeing Noel from the beginning was just awesome. I needed this re-read.

Read #1- 4 stars

Yeah the Cullens are no where in sight. I'm pretty intrigued by this premise and how this starts. The MC is likable and the perspective on the "embracing", well it's...yeah I'm not going to lie...it's pretty arousing.

I'll definitely continue. No love story here at all. It's pretty brutal but it's vampires..so it's totally expected.

Oh and apparently there are werewolves and dragons but so far they are a no show.



Théoden stared hard at me with those steely gray eyes, and I felt something ominous and powerful encompass me. The hairs on my body stood on end as this presence wrapped itself around me and began to squeeze. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, but being a vampire, that wasn’t a problem. If anything, this exercise in who’s boss was teaching me we could stop breathing if we needed to. That wasn’t the problem. I was panicking, yes, but I could feel my bones grinding against their joints and cracking as the presence squeezed tighter. I screamed from the pain and struggled to break free of whatever had a hold of me.


Status Updates (Read #1):

10% done with Embraced: I was only fourteen at the time and had no idea supernatural creatures even existed. That was the shit you saw in movies, hell, they even sparkled in the fucking world of fiction. The vampires in my reality don’t fucking sparkle, twinkle, or glow in the dark… unless you count their eyes, and that’s only when they want them to.

32% done with Embraced: “The truth is that once you’re turned, your master will have control over you for all eternity. There’s no release, ever. All your master will have to do to make sure you obey is will it, and you won’t be able to refuse him anything.” He leaned forward, so that his lips were close enough to my ear to brush against it. “And I do mean anything .

97% done with Embraced: Théoden smiled and nodded. “You’re learning. So let’s begin, shall we? I must say, I’ve been enjoying this night.” He started walking towards me, and I knew I was in for a world of pain.

Status Updates (Read #2):
1% done with Embraced: Yes...I'm rereading this already.

8% done with Embraced: Forget the bullshit you’ve read in those paranormal romance books where the vampires with dark pasts are all noble and shit and just want to fall in love with their soul mates. Fuck that shit. If you believe they’re like that, you’re already dead. The vampires in my reality are cruel, vicious, manipulative, brutal and blood-thirsty, and that has nothing to do with their hunger, which, by the way, is damn near insatiable.
It's wrong to be grinning, isn't it?

38% done with Embraced: “I plan to enjoy your body from sundown to sunrise. You will submit to me. Your place is kneeling at my feet. You’ll soon learn that.”