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Beneath the Stain

Beneath the Stain - Amy Lane DNF at 59%. No rating.

Yeah yeah I'll take the crown on biggest DNFer but I need to stop here with this one. I'm at a good point. I'm content and I like the MCs. They are sweet and loving and there's the "hope" for something "real".

Ultimately I think this book just wasn't for me. I don't mind angst, I don't mind emotional gut busters filled with tears but I never got that. Instead this really was more torture for me and feeling irritable during a book is just not how I want to feel.

I don't need to be beat upside the head with shit to make me feel something for a character. I didn't need all that. Mackey himself carries the emotional aspects of the book just fine and this just seems forced. Trav...well Trav is beautiful and there's nothing more to say there.

Oh and fucking hell. This book could have been half the length and carried a much more powerful punch.

Had the book wowed me to the end I'm doubtful I would have rated this over 3 stars.

Hate to bail on my BRers but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.



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