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We look away from each other simultaneously, like two dogs whose lips have just met in the middle of a spaghetti noodle.



“I told you I’m all grizzly, baby.” Then, before my brain realizes what my body is doing, I dip my head and bite down on his exposed shoulder, tasting salt and skin and dirt and… Blake.
Holy hell, I’m tasting Blake.


Staring at him in the semi-dark, watching him question my acceptance of this dark side of his nature, I realize he has no idea of the effect he has on me. It comes as sort of a shock, because here I’ve been thinking the whole time that it was obvious he had me reeling. That he thought of me as the queer stray he might decide to throw a bone… if I was lucky. It had never occurred to me that Liam might actually count himself the lucky one.


“It’s a yin yang symbol made of two koi fish."
“I know there’s something about the colors of the koi. There are meanings behind them?”
Kenji nods. “Traditionally, the black fish means overcoming bad things in your life. Like you have been through very hard times and come out victorious. The red fish is love, but a very strong, masculine kind of love. Um… the blue fish represents masculinity, but also peace and calmness. Oh, there’s also the dragon koi. Let’s not forget him. He is fierceness, and overcoming one’s obstacles.”

Awesome tattoo.



“From the first time I saw you, I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. I’ve never, ever wanted anything more than I want you. That’s the truth. I haven’t worked out a speech, so I’m just saying what’s in my heart and hoping it does the trick. I know it’s not poetry, but it’s true.” He takes my hand, and I finally dare to look directly into his eyes. “I love you, Blake."