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If I am not mistaken this is my third MMM book.  While I really can’t imagine anything topping Broken Pieces for me (as this is one of my favorite MM books of all time), this one makes a really good attempt and is far superior to that hairy read, Saving Samuel.

I will point out first that the blurb for this one is quite deceiving.  I (along with my fellow BRers) honestly thought that Richard and Matthew were in a committed relationship when they met Luke.  This is not the case at all.  These three meet each other at the same time and form a remarkable bond with each other from their very first encounter.  And that alone made this one so much better than I thought it would be.

This book is sex FILLED.  I mean FILLED…in every scenario. Not since our dear Logan and Tate did I think anyone could top their stamina…but these men sure give it a go.  Phew...boy is this one hot!!!

And honestly…I could have used a few less scenes.  But I think what kept me engaged in these moments was the passion and desire that these men felt for one another.  The mutual respect and commitment to take care of one another. But good lord...these guys could use a few sex time outs. 

There is an age gap spanning at least 20 years between these men.  Richard, the oldest, is the protector.  The one always there to take care of the other two, to make sure they get what they need and know they are loved.  He is probably the one I wish we had gotten more of...I wanted more of his past to help me know what his needs were in return.  Their first date and Richard's guidance, questions and rule establishment was probably my favorite scene in the book. Total heart crush for this man, I adored him.

Matthew, the youngest, is the loving free spirit who is so full of life and love…the nurturer of the three.  I wanted to do nothing more than hug this sweet soul the entire book.

And finally Luke, whose POV we get, I see as the strongest one of the three, the rock.  While he is the most hesitant about this relationship he is also the one tearing down his emotional walls the most.  Standing tall and proud next to these men.  But at the same time, Richard and Matthew stand beside him to give him that strength.  As a unit they are strong, but if Luke were to leave or fall, they would all crumble.

The love and commitment is very well developed here.  I truly felt this was a relationship that was meant to last and one meant truly for the three.  It worked remarkably well for me.  Some of the dialog however seemed repetitive in nature so some additional editing would have been helpful.
Luke’s father plays a pretty large role in this almost too painstakingly much.  I wanted him DEAD!!  I am not sure I have felt hatred like this for a character.  And I could get caught up trying to understand the why of him and yet I honestly could care less.  He is not worth it. 
Walter was an inspiration.  As Luke’s best friend, guide, and true father figure, he was such a source of love for Luke. I could so use a story about him.

Overall, I could not put this one down.  Does it have its faults? Its quirks? Of course, but nothing that prevented me from falling hard for these men.  I loved them.

*highly recommended*

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I needed someone new. I wanted at least one of the men who’d fuck me to be someone I’d never laid eyes on before.
And I wanted to be tied up. I wanted to beg for it.
Well now...After my last two days in tears, this might just work. Lol

Lord if the rest of the book is half as hot and passionate as that first scene we are in for a great read.
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...we were flying, floating, coming, and landing together as one, not three.
Loving this!! <3<br/>
What I didn’t know then was that was the moment I’d gone too far. I’d become important to someone again, which meant I had given my father someone to hurt, someone to take away from me.
*places call to Teri to borrow her umbrella and wood chipper*

These guys are so sexy and beautifully hot together. *melting*

Please don't do this. :(

“There are many things I want, son. Ways I can help make people’s lives better. I can do great things with my life. But you… you are the one thing I’ve done that’s going to fuck it all up. Tell me, why should my life suffer because of you?”
This man needs to be DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!!!! Not even Loki is enough for this bastard.


I swear to god, this motherfucker better end up in the morgue!!!