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Spencer Cohen, Book Two

Spencer Cohen, Book Two - N.R. Walker Hmmmm.  First I will say this is lovely...the relationship development between these two is super sweet and just plain adorable.  Maybe too much at times honestly...it's pretty sugary...but you know...at times this is just what I need.

Now, I do wish I had read the first just before this one as the story picks up immediately where the first left off.  So unfortunately it took me about 20% to get back into the groove of these two...and for that I kinda wish I had waited to experience this entire trilogy in one fell swoop...as this really is one book broken into three parts.  

While there was no sex in book 1, that changes here...A LOT...and yet I have to say, I enjoyed book 1 more.  I loved that their relationship started off with no inkling of a romance (they were not about that) and yet their connection was strong and their bond developed so beautifully to each other that it became almost mesmerizing.
There is a side story included in this installment that worked for me and never felt like it was taking away from them, but helped strengthen their connection even more.  

Overall though, this one felt a little flatter than the first and with zero angst it makes me very nervous for what is to come.  Can there be a trilogy with none?  Yikes...I am thinking no, which scares me to death...but so far this couple is strong in communication and direct in what they want and for me that is totally refreshing.  NR Walker continues to entertain me with these two lovely characters and the tender moments between them and I am anxious to see how this one ends.  

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