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Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece - Teodora Kostova Phew. I finished. My heavens...to say this was exhausting is putting it mild...putting it mighty mild.

Sonnie and Riley for me are a wonderful couple. Sonnie is very supportive and loving and exactly what Riley needs. But heavens to Betsy...Riley kinda wore me out. And given the topic of this book that makes me sound like such a bitch...but it was just too much for me.

The writing as always was unbelievably beautiful, but of the three books and the short in this series, this is my least favorite. Every time Penn would come on page it made me long more for him and made me want to reach for "Mask" and reread his story and visualize him in dresses and lingerie all over again. *sigh*

I continue to love the setting, the costumes and how the Richard's comics came to be interwoven into the story was lovely.

I'm going to continue to poke Teo for more...while Charlie is an ass, I kinda would like to know what makes him tick. We shall see.


A gift from Momo!! BR with Nathan and Momo on Thursday, January 7th

Status Updates:

Nathan and Teri...

Ten years. It’d been ten years since Richard had died, and Riley had made his peace that he’d never love anybody else. That he’d never wake up to anybody else, never share a part of himself with anybody else. Because when you do that, when you willingly give a part of yourself to someone, that part dies when they leave. What you’re left with is half a person, damaged goods in the sale basket that nobody wants.
Oh Riley. :-(

“What can I say? I’m old,” Riley said with a playful grin.
“You’re not old! You can give any twink a run for his money.”
“Ha! When I was a twink, the word twink wasn’t even invented. That’s how old I am, darling.”

There was something about Sonnie, something so contagiously alive that it was rubbing off on Riley merely in the span of a day. He was attracted to Sonnie, but what he was feeling was much more than that. Riley wanted to latch onto Sonnie, absorb his energy, that same energy that made him feel things he thought he was incapable of experiencing anymore.

Riley leaned in, barely more than an inch, and nudged his nose to Sonnie's. The light touch was tender and electrifying at the same time. Sonnie's restraint was stretched thin –he was visibly trembling with the desire to find out what Riley's lips tasted like.

He’d had that once, and he’d lost it, and he should feel guilty for wanting to have it again with someone else. But he didn’t. For better or worse, he’d kept on living – battered, bruised, broken-hearted and irreversibly changed, but still alive. Before he’d met Sonnie, Riley hadn’t thought that being alive was a blessing. It certainly didn't feel that way when your soul was numb. But now... Now he wanted to hold on to Sonnie and never let go.

I feel all warm and fuzzy which means the shit is about to hit the emotional fan. *prepares self*

“I haven’t looked into someone’s eyes and seen a future there in a long time, Sonnie. Not since Richie died. And I do with you. It scares me because I feel I’m not good enough for you, that I’m already too damaged to make you happy, but, God help me, I look at you and I see a future past tomorrow.”

“You think I love you because I want the same in return?”
Riley frowned in confusion again. “Doesn’t everyone?”
Sonnie shook his head. “I can’t speak for anyone else, but I love you because I can’t help it.”

“It’s been a year since I met you and I thought it’d be nice to... I don’t know, it was a stupid idea.” Riley couldn't meet Sonnie's eyes. He’d never forget the day Sonnie walked into his shop and the first time he looked into these gorgeous dark eyes.

Alice...let me introduce you to my friend...
enough said.