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Stygian - Santino Hassell So, I like going into a book knowing very little. I like the unknown and being open minded about what could happen. And I love being knocked off my feet when one smacks me upside the head. Nothing better than a good mindfuck. Unfortunately here I was smacked upside the head and I didn't enjoy it. This could very well be "it's me, not you". I have no clue.

My review may get spoilerish. Even on this point I'm clueless.

This book has what I think is the perfect combination for greatness...
-An author who completely draws a reader in by creating imagery so vivid you can't help but not become completely immersed.
-4 members of an up and coming rock band who all love dick, lol
-A summer at a creepy Louisiana plantation

And intrigued I was. But...
-The only character I liked was Hunter and I did not like Kennedy
-There are two big reveals I figured out early on
-I don't like love triangles and especially ones that use manipulation by both men to get at our Lead character
-The use of "kid" drove me batshit crazy
-Many times I had to reread scenes multiple times to figure out who said what. While some authors overuse the word "said", I could have used this a few more times. This left me frustrated.

I love the movie "The Skeleton Key". The setting and creepiness of this book reminded me a lot of that movie, but for me this book could have drawn more from Louisiana's history of witchcraft and voodoo much like this movie did. Or better yet just go with crazy and fucked up...because I could totally have gotten around these two characters being all that and more.

Overall, I was left a little unfulfilled and still wanting Hunter. Yeah I'm weird.

Now if your looking for romance, don't expect it here. And maybe I was...so let down I was.

Now this was my first Santino and I'm very interested to see what else this author has to offer...so hopefully his writing once again captures me and smacks me in the head for the better next time.