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How To Be a Normal Person

How To Be a Normal Person - T.J. Klune aaaaaahhhh…

Well…honestly once the pot induced smog clears, this has some quite beautiful moments.  Exchanges not only between our MC’s but reflections on the love expressed by Gus’s father, which were just so wonderfully captured and told. 

Then there was the hilarity of Klune, coming out in amazing fashion in conversations revolving around the internet, in “how to” segments and in just life in general and what is and what is not “normal”.  I could have possibly pee’d my pants a few times.

But then there were just the over the top exchanges which deviated from what I felt was happening here.  I felt this story got off track so many times and even in some quite special moments, these deviations interrupted the beauty that was happening. On top of these exchanges was the fact that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was a “Character”…an over the top, settle your ass down kind of character that honestly just left me so exhausted.  Does every single person need to act this way?  Whew…I just needed a calming voice now and again. 

And then there is the relationship between sweet Gus and the Stoner Hipster Casey.  I wanted more of them. I felt we missed out on a good part of their relationship growth after their first “hang out”.  And while I realize every relationship takes work, every relationship is different, this one left me puzzled at times and so I needed more of just them.  They are lovely together and sweet and I felt my heart pound multiple times.  Ultimately, I guess this relationship just doesn’t need to be defined or “labeled” as anything more than two people who found happiness together.  

Status Updates:

The opening lines...
Never, ever let anyone tell you that who you are is wrong.
It’s okay to be gay. Or straight. Or bisexual.
It’s also okay to be asexual, demisexual, pansexual, or aromantic.
You do you, and if anyone gives you grief for that, remember one thing:
You are exactly the way you’re supposed to be.

“Get out of my store,” Gus said. “You heathen. You blasphemous creature. Michael Bay is to filmmaking what candirus are to urethras.”
“Um,” Bernice said. “What?”
Gus rolled his eyes. “Candirus? The Amazonian relative to the catfish? If a human urinates in the water, the candiru mistakes the stream of urine from a stream of water from the gills of a bigger fish. It swims up the urethra and attaches itself with spiny barbs and then starts to chew on the insides.”
Googles that shit...

I feel like I need to be stoned myself to read this book...but hey...at least I found my Casey. *Stalks Finn Brock*

"Okay. Is the technician coming tomorrow morning or afternoon?”
"Actually, the window available for the technician to arrive is from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.”
"Mr. Tiberius?”
“Mr. Tiberius, are you still there?”
"How is that a window? That’s an entire day! That’s not a window. That’s like a garage door! A garage door of time!”
"Yes, sir.”
"Oh my god.”
Ok this entire conversation is priceless. PRICELESS.

KALE AND tofu salad turned out to be disgusting. But Gus was monitoring his opinions because the Internet told him to. He was controlling his emotions because it was the normal thing to do. He was also choking down something that tasted like a leafy green asshole.

I wish I knew if I liked this or not. I am waffling hard on this. *shakes head*

Just because...

“How are your chakras?”
Serge said, “Centered. I meditated this morning before the flight and was able to achieve a stage of enlightenment I hadn’t yet been to before. I am hoping that California gets its head out of its ass and legalizes marijuana because it helps you reach places within your mind that might otherwise be locked to you forever.”
Where is The Dude when you need him?


Before you break up with someone, remember this: love is a precious thing. The fact that you feel it must mean something, right? You have given your heart away. Maybe you should trust in the person you gave it to, to care for it as you care for theirs. If they’ve done nothing to betray that trust, well.
What are you doing?

“Did you know they make things called selfie sticks?” Bertha asked as they uncrowded Gus. “You put your phone on the end of it and then it has further reach for the photo.”
“That sounds literally like the worst thing ever invented,” Gus said. “If I saw anyone using that, I would punch them in the liver.”