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Broken - Sage Whistler Ok first off…this COVER!!!  GAG!!!  There is nothing sexy about this cover at all…and certainly does not depict the rock star and his conservative twin!!!  So let’s just clear the visual palate, shall we?? 

Ahhhhh…much better.

Now…this is more what I was wanting.  This has story!  This has dialog!  This has two identical twins who were separated for more than 7 years! Dual POV! Intensity!  Hot sex between our dear brothers filled with need, want, possessiveness and desire. To say I was left satisfied would be an understatement.  There is really no angst in this 120 page book, a side plot that was fine, and parents who you want to smack around of course, but the love between these two “soul mates” wins out here.  Yes, a HEA to boot.  A realistic relationship? I have no idea honestly…and really I could care less…but for me, this fed my perviness for twins perfectly.  Definitely a story of forbidden and unacceptable love but one that was strong and fierce and left me believing these two could never live without the other.