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Zero at the Bone

Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville ❤️❤️❤️ Sweet D ❤️❤️❤️

Amazing book and equally amazing Audio...

I am landing at 5 well deserved stars for this Audiobook.  Alan Smith captured these men perfectly...especially the sweet and reserved D.  I adored that character.

As far as the story goes...well like "To Catch a Fox" this one reads like a movie...

...I was captivated from the start.  On the run excitement, chases, holding up in seclusion, and of course the ever popular chocolate covered cherries...

And while I loved this, the book lands closer to a 4 for me due to 2 things...

1.  D never ate a chocolate covered cherry.  :/
2.  The word condom is present twice and not in the context that matters...there was no mention of safe sex at all...no concern or even discussion and many times there was no lubricant anywhere in sight.  Maybe it shouldn't have bothered me but it kinda did.

Overall though I highly recommend this...especially the Audio...it's not to be missed. :)




Status Updates:

The killer paused in his pacing and, incredibly, chuckled. “You playin’ me, Francisco?” he said.
Hearing his name spoken aloud by the man who’d been sent here to get it carved on a headstone gave Jack an unpleasant shiver.

“Holy shit,” Jack said. “Are we taking over a small country?”
D snorted. “Gotta be prepared.” He looked up at Jack’s face, frowning. “What?”
Jack shrugged. “It’s just….” He sighed.
"I’m starting to see words like ‘accessory’ and ‘accomplice’ floating around my head.”
D barely reacted. "How about ‘dead on arrival’? Ya like that better?”
Jack nodded, pressing his lips together. “Get more ammo. Ammo is good.”
Loving these guys already!!

“I’m a dentist and a surgeon. I got my dental degree first, then went to med school. That’s usually how it goes for doctors in my field.”
“So… you could pull out these fuckin’ wisdom teeth fer me, then?”
“Sure. Got a pair of pliers and a hammer?”
“What’s the hammer for?”
"To knock you out before I start yanking.”
D looked over at him. The ghost of a smile curled his lips as he cut a glance at D.

I'm loving this.

He could hear Jack saying his name, but it wasn’t his name, just one stupid letter, the least you could get away with and still call it a name. Wanna hear you say my real name someday, Jack.


Long update but damn...

“Look, it must be real nice and comfy on top a that high horse,” D said, suddenly snarling, “but you ain’t lived in my world and it’s jus’ fine fer you ta judge when you don’t gotta make them kinda choices.”
"Oh yeah?” Jack said, jumping off the bed to face him. “How about deciding whether you’re going to treat the woman with the head trauma or the drunk driver who mowed her down? Or whether to let a man die of gunshot wounds because you know he shot a cop on his way down? How about treating a woman who’s been beaten nearly to death and having to watch her walk out the door back to the husband who nearly killed her while she tells you that he didn’t mean it, not really! Don’t you fucking talk to me about hard choices, and harsh reality. Just because I didn’t tote a rifle around Kuwait and never put a bullet between someone’s eyes doesn’t mean I live in some world of sunshine and rainbows, D. I live in a world where I spend months putting a four-year-old’s face back together after her own father smashed it in with a bowling ball. You think you’ve got it so hard, and maybe you do, but the shit is tough all over. Fucking suck it up, man.”

“How close did you come?” Stan asked, his voice very even and quiet. D closed his eyes.
“I don’t wanna think about that.” Real fuckin’ close. Too fuckin’ close. Ta think I almos’ put a bullet between them eyes, and took that life that now I’d die ta save, and I never woulda known what he was in the world, and who he was or could be, and I woulda never even known what I was missin’, nor known how right it could feel just ta lay my fingers alongside his.
"That close, huh?”

Good heavens...that first sex scene...

“Shhh,” D said. “Jus’….” He hesitated. “Jus’ lemme hold ya fer a minute, okay?” he whispered. Maybe if he was quiet enough, it wouldn’t really be him saying it. “Don’t ask me no questions. Jus’ lemme feel yer safe.”
Jack sighed and his arms tightened around D. “D?”
"I might want to hold you longer than a minute.”
"Hmm. I s’pose.”
Oh my...I cannot wait to get back in my car. *prays for traffic*

Jack didn’t dare speak, or breathe, or make the tiniest move to disturb the so-rare reverie. This glimpse into D’s secret mind was like having a skittish deer approach him on a wooded trail; one false move and it would dart away into the brush, leaving him with only a flash of white tail before vanishing.

D turned halfway around and looked at him. “Never wanted nobody like I want you,” he said, swallowing hard.
June 29 2015 9:57 AM
view status update 51% done with Zero at the Bone: Oh stubborn men.

“You don’t know him,” Jack said, flatly. “No one knows him but me.”

“Shh. We can talk later. He’s gonna come outta the shower any minute now and ain’t no way I’m missin’ that.”
“Ooh,” she said, and pulled out her own binoculars.
D looked at her. “Hey!”
“What? You’d deny a hardworking girl a little eye candy?”
“This ain’t Halloween.”
"What’s that mean?”
“Means I ain’t sharin’ my candy. Gimme them glasses.”
Love D!

“Well, think it’s fair ta say you had one helluva day, Jack.”
Jack took the last step that separated them and leaned close, his hands going to D’s waist. He stopped when his face was mere inches from D’s.
“The day ain’t over yet,” he whispered.

“Damn.” He turned over onto his back. “Think you buried the needle on that one, stud.”
D was silent for a moment, then started to chuckle.
"Stud,” D repeated, growly and low. Jack snorted.
“You got a better word for a guy who’s swept my chimney five times in one night?”
At that, D burst out in honest-to-God laughter, which was an extremely rare occurrence. Jack sat up to watch D laugh. “Swept yer chimney!” D howled. “Aw shit, that is fuckin’ rich!” Jack couldn’t help but join in D’s laughter. He felt giddy, like a kid at an amusement park, finally meeting his favorite cartoon character, just wanting to run up and get a big hug and be carried away to a place where no one ever cried and the world was bright colors and sunshine.
*cackles out loud* ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jus hold me a little longer, Jack. Tell me again that ya wanna be with me, fer real, cross yer heart ‘n’ let me know you ain’t foolin’, cause I dunno how or when it happen but somehow I come ta need ya like air, like blood. Touch me again like ya do with them gentle hands make me feel like somethin’ precious. Say it again that ya love me, cause hearin’ that was like openin’ up some big bottomless well that ran dry years back and it cain’t never be full enough now, I cain’t never hear it enough, but once more, one more time and maybe I’ll believe it a little more, and then a little more the next time, till someday I believe it fer true enough ta be able to say it back ta you like y’oughta hear it said cause God knows I love you more’n my own life, more’n anythin’ in this world, but it cain’t get outta me yet cause I still ain’t the man I need ta be, the man who’s gonna stand before you and declare.

Another year?? :-(

“Anson. That’s my name. Anson Dane.” It was so easy to finally say it.
Jack smiled, slow like the dawn breaking, and D felt a lump rise in his throat. “It’s nice to meet you, Anson.”

Nobody would ever hurt Jack, ever… and nobody would ever take Jack away from him.
Not ever.