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Shy - John Inman 4.5 Stars

Well, I believe I may have a crush on John Inman and will continue to pick up everything he writes.  This was just exactly what I needed…but I have to tell you there was more in this than I was expecting.  I jumped in not knowing anything about this book at all other than John thinks it’s one of his funniest.  Well, honestly it’s not the funniest.  I have only read one other and I have to say I laughed out loud more times in “Boys on the Mountain” than I did this…but maybe it was just me…maybe the horror parts of that particular book made you relish the giddy times all the more.

Regardless, this was wonderful. I just wasn’t expecting the heart. The emotional impact of Joe or Pedro or the sweet love shared between our MCs.  Frank is just beyond fantastic…I just want to kiss him…

In addition to the heart is some unbelievable depiction of two of the biggest horse’s asses I have probably ever read about…quite a few times this was me…

And yet it was all worth it in the end…throw in a 1300 pound hog named Samson and a treasure map to boot and you will be left horrified but giddy.  Yep…horrified but giddy.  What better way to end a John Inman book…and I anxiously await the next one.  Highly recommended. 
Awesome BR with Momo, Nathan and Marte

Status Updates:

I'm loving this...the humor is right up my alley and once again John nails it with an adorable dog.

"Sometimes people are just born assholes, Tom. No rhyme or reason to it. It’s just the way it is. I hate to admit it, but Stanley’s one of them.”
I love this and couldn't agree more. Stanley is a definite asshole!!!

Pedro squirmed around in my arms until Frank was forced to reach out and take him from me. He gave the dog a peck on the forehead, then watched as Pedro squirmed out of his arms and walked across Joe’s chest until man and dog were nose to nose. Joe grinned and Pedro licked the grin. Pedro immediately curled up in the crook of Joe’s arm and just lay there, obviously waiting to see what would happen next.

“So it’s just milk then,” I said, carefully dragging the huge, heavy crock out of the fridge and clunking it down on the counter, trying not to let it slosh all over the place. “Milk straight out of the cow. Unsterilized, unpasteurized, unhomogenized, unfortified with Vitamin D. Just plain old milk. Cow milk. Hot off the press, so to speak. Mmm. That should be healthy.”
Or deadly. Hadn’t these people ever heard of E. coli? Or tuberculosis? Or mad cow disease? Didn’t brucellosis ring a bell? Coxiella burnetii? Bacillus cereus? Good Lord, I was going to have to either start drinking water or stop watching The Learning Channel.


I had never known my own father. He took off before I was born, the irresponsible shit. But I very quickly found a father in Joe. And I hope he found another son in me. He seemed to. He honestly seemed to like me. And that made me happy.

Oh. My. God. Stanley...

"What the hell did Jerry ever see in you?”
That got a laugh out of me. “Geez, how many times did I ask that question about you and Jerry? What the hell did he ever see in you? Why the hell did he leave me for you? And once he did, why the hell did I care anymore? Well, now I don’t. Now I’ve got Frank. And Frank would never cheat on me with a lowlife like you. With Frank I have trust. And trust is something you will never have, because to have trust, you have to be trustworthy. And that, shit for brains, you most definitely are not.”
Bravo, Tom, Bravo!!!

“We were lovers once.”
"Til you cheated on me and broke my heart!”
"I didn’t mean to.”
“How can you ‘not mean’ to cheat? Did your dick just go off and cheat on its own?”
This dickwad belongs with the douchebag.