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Public Display of Everything

Public Display of Everything - Cara Dee 4.5 Stars

Yeah...I am going ot make this short and sweet....much like this book.  But I absolutely loved this.  

Zero angst...

adorable adorable adorable...

a little voyeurism...

only wish there had been more...

BR with Momo, Nathan and Marte May 5th

Status Updates:

My shoulders are shaking with silent laughter, but I can't help it. Maybe I've been down in the dumps— more than I already knew— because Flynn Wright is like a breath of fresh air. Or perhaps he's just that refreshing on his own, regardless of my state.
❤️Flynn already

I'm so beyond desperate that I doubt there's a word for it. Needing to make sure this is really happening, I slow the kiss and inch away enough to get a good look at his beautiful face. "Your eyes, Flynn."

He (my dad) told me, "A man should learn how to cook at least one thing, and if it's a dish that will earn you the heart of a woman, she will take care of the rest."
Sexism aside, I like the sentiment. He made them when he was trying to make my mother fall in love with him.
Glancing over at Flynn as he hurries to set the table, there's no doubt in my mind. I want the same.
"She likes to take photos, especially when she's out with her friends, and upload them to Instaphoto."
"Lord." Tammy rolls her eyes.
Flynn smirks at me. "I believe it's Instagram."