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A Restored Man

A Restored Man - Jaime Reese 4.5 Stars

Absolutely loved this one!!!! Best one so far in this series!! Review to come. ❤️❤️❤️

Status Updates:

Adorable opening scene.

"I haven't heard him laugh in almost two years."
...Cole had proven his worth in the shop on numerous occasions. As if that wasn't enough, he had made it his mission to firmly plant himself in Ty's personal life as well. Cole had single-handedly awakened a desire to fight, a wish to smile, and a craving for laughter Ty had missed for far too long.
He should be the one thanking Cole. Because of him, Ty finally felt alive again.

"Cole," Geek said, drawing his focus. "You're like a brother to us. For most of us, you're the only person who believed we could do something with ourselves."
Cue the tears.

A slow smile spread across Ty's face.
"Yeah, you better smile. Because the makeup sex after you realize how fucking awesome I am is going to be so worth it."

Jessie reached out and gently placed his hand on Aidan's forearm, drawing his attention. Aidan looked up and smiled. It seemed Jessie was, without question, a lion tamer in another life. He may be the master of research, but the way he mastered Aidan without effort was mesmerizing.