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A Hunted Man

A Hunted Man - Jaime Reese This was a huge improvement over book 1. No cringey I love you moments and two just all around sweet and loving characters.

The crime and resolution of all of that was a bit much...so many characters involved and it just seemed to never end.

Loved seeing Matt and Julian from a different perspective and loved the introduction of Jessie, Aiden and Cole.

Hunter I have a huge daddy crush on and I could squish the sweet and adorable Lucy and Bill.

Overall, a great read.

Status Updates:

Loving this!!

"I don't want to stop but—"
"Neither do I, but we need to." Hunter rested his forehead against Cam's. "You're driving me crazy."
"You're driving me to have panic attacks so I think we're even."

Hunter grabbed his exploratory finger and gave Cam a fierce glare. "I'm game for anything as long as it's you and only you. I don't fucking share."
Mine. Mine. Mine. ❤️❤️❤️

"You know what the best part of having a gay son is?"
Cam looked over to Thomas and cocked his head. "What's that?"
"I inherit a second son."
Love Thomas so hard. ❤️