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Mongrel - K.Z. Snow So after our read a few months ago of “Circus of the Damned”, Momo and I went on a search for other circus/magical themed MM reads.  Honestly there was little out there.  This one fell in the stack and there it has stayed for many months.  Alas, we are snow bound and able to consume this quickly.  Wow…this was a fun damn read!

Yeah…had to throw Tom in the mix…he did not make our casting so I will just let him dance for us. :)

Overall, this was so very different from Circus of the Damned, but so vivid in its descriptions and amazingly creative in its execution. 

What started off as a head scratcher in the first chapter (the writing was quite confusing honestly) quickly switched gears.  The world created here is one that holds no time for me.  Is this the 1800’s or the year 2400…really it’s a blend and I love that in a book.

The characters are simply amazing, from the sweet and lovable Will to the mysterious and intriguing Fanule.  Their attraction borders on instalove but it works with these two and their interactions are some of my favorite moments.  Throw in 2 sidekick characters, Marrowbone and Simon, who in their own way are an equaling intriguing couple and we have a powerful foursome that I hope we see more of in book 2.

As far as magic…honestly there are some great scenes, especially with the witch Lizabetta, and some interesting talents held by our Mongrels, but we could have used more of this.  The story itself was consistent and well thought out…although nothing earth shattering or WTF in nature happens.  Sometimes I kind of want a curve ball, and this one while good, did not give me that.

This has zero angst, zero cheating, zero rape, but plenty of witty dialog.  The writing except, as Momo mentions, the use of “holy cream”, was quite imaginative. See updates below.

Our joint casting of our yummy characters include:

Tom Mison as “Fanule”

Matt Barr as “Will”

Cam Gigandet as “Marrowbone”

and Alexis Papas as “Simon”

Man…what is not to love about these guys.  Excuse us now…Momo…book 2 awaits us honey. :)


Status Updates:

Oh yes, I’m quite familiar with Mr. Bentcross. He introduced me to the joys of a particular kind of fellowship.
This book is so different. I'm very intrigued.

Lizabetta’s torso, draped in a simple chemise with drawstring neckline and scalloped hem, sat serenely on her sofa, the folds of white linen stark against the cushions’ port-colored velvet.
O_O Considering one of our MCs is about to have a conversation with this woman I am more than little intrigued. Oh wait...here comes her head...

A woman, sitting on a man’s lap with her skirts hiked up, was probably exchanging a bit of hard for soft.
LMAO! Loving this!

“I confess I do find you… very attractive,” Will murmured back.
It was a strained confession, the most sincere kind, and it went straight to Fanule’s neglected cock. “The feeling is mutual, William.”
“Nobody calls me William.”
“Then I shall.”
Phew! I think I am going to love these two together.

Although the rooms were per-night rentals, Isabelle Balder, the proprietor who doubled as a madam, kept them spotless. “No one wants to fuck in a fleabag,” she’d once told Fanule.
At the moment, he would’ve fucked in a snake pit.
I could quote every page!

Will lifted himself on his arms. After gazing into Fanule’s face for a moment, he dipped to one side and pressed a lingering kiss to the cruelly angled top of Fanule’s left ear. He kissed Fanule on the lips, then coaxed his head to one side and delivered the same kind of kiss to Fanule’s right ear.
Tears welled in Fanule’s eyes. He squeezed them shut. No one, anywhere, had ever done that.
"I think you’re the most remarkable man I’ve ever met,” Will said softly.
And with those gestures and words, he entered Fanule’s heart.


Well, well. There could be no stranger bedfellows than a hunter and his potential prey.
“I thought you’d embraced celibacy.”
Marrowbone lifted and dropped his fingers on the sofa arm. “I’m apparently not immune to persuasion.”
LMAO...I love these two bedfellows too!

“You’re not comfortable leaving your young man alone with Simon, are you,” Marrowbone said. He and Fanule stood together beneath the night sky, preparing to fly to Lizabetta’s hideaway.
"Not entirely.” Fanule glanced at his darkened house. “Stupid of me. We’re all adults, free to do as we choose. I have no claim on Will.”
“In that case….” The vampire curled forward like a blade of grass. Long, cool fingers lay along Fanule’s jaw. Lips only slightly warmer touched Fanule’s lips.
Erotic images rustled through Fanule’s mind. He wondered if Clancy had planted them there. He shivered slightly, remembering the glide of Marrowbone’s hands over his forehead and into his hair, over his body, over his ass and cock. Clancy was amazingly skilled.
Then Fanule thought of Will.
Marrowbone smiled, revealing a glint of fangs in the moonlight. “I can feel the desire beneath your skin. I can taste it on your mouth.” He stepped back. “But I know it isn’t for me. Simon will have the same realization if he goes near your lover. Not to worry.”
Oh my...


"Don’t think of telling me anything but the truth. If I find out you’ve lied to me—and rest assured I will find out— you’ll be visited in the dead of night by a certain debonair gentleman who’ll gladly fuck you while he sucks you. Only it won’t be your seed he’ll be drawing from your body.”
Wow. What a scene.

Yea...I'm in total agreement with Momo on this one...Tom Mison is the perfect Fanule...

Damn I am being so productive today...Our Will...Matt Barr...

"It's always the most untrustworthy people who are the least trusting of others."