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Dirty Dining

Dirty Dining - E.M. Lynley First off…let’s start off with the cover love…

and then our BR reaction…

Thank you Marte darling…that was the perfect representation of us…not only for the cover but for a good bit of this hot book.

While I have not yet read the reviews of my fellow BR ladies (Momo and Marte), we have discussed the book.  Overall, I found myself a bit at a loss at where I stood when this one ended. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but there was just this feeling like…

…that's it??? and that just kind of confused me.  I mean I had a damn good time with this one…so what is up? When this happens I just have to break it down to come to resolution on my rating…so here we go…

The Cover - *5 stars*
I need to say nothing else where this is concerned.

The Dinner Club - *5 stars*
My gawd!!!  The scenes at the Club were just beyond anything else I have read to date.  The Kink, the Voyeurism and the Perviness in all it’s glory was just…

I just could not look away, and neither will you. 

The Rules - *5 stars*

As wild as this Club gets, there are rules…which I greatly appreciated.  And while not giving anything away, I think it is important to know that the server is in control during these scenes.  Nothing is on the menu that the server is not willing to do, nothing is expected and nothing is assumed acceptable without consent…and mutual consent at that.  This entire aspect of the book, I thought was handled very well.  Whew! 

Our MC’s – *4 stars*

We get dual POVs of our Brice and Jeremy – THANK YOU!!!  I am not sure how much I would have enjoyed this book without this aspect.  We get to know both guys, get their internal reactions and desires and come to understand their acceptance and uneasiness with what is happening around them, all the better.  And how does the Club impact them as their relationship takes off.  Well…my favorite part of the book is this transition from server/client to two guys who are mutually attracted to each other and want more.

“Isn’t this your job?” 
"No. Serving dinner and taking off my clothes is the job. Anything else I do beyond that is my choice. For me, at least, money has nothing to do with it.”

I really enjoyed these two together.  They were sweet and loving to each other and yes a real relationship did come about in this book.   And you think…really???…Jeremy works at a “Dinner Club”…how does this work?  Well…it does.  And it is done pretty well actually.  You should know too…that while I figure Jeremy works maybe 15 times total at the Club…only one time is he not with Brice, and this one time is his second time at the Club prior to a relationship forming between these two. They only want to be there with each other.  And outside the Club, their interactions are just fun and flirty…and equally hot…

Side Characters (specifically Doug and Kit) - *5 stars*

I loved these two characters and can only envision another book about them.  Did they meet in this book?  No…but what fun they could have.  And yeah…I don’t care that Doug is straight.  Oh the possibilities.

The Side Story - *2 stars*

I won’t go into too much detail about this.  But this aspect was probably the weakest of the book.  It just was not all that exciting and therefore did not affect me the way it should.  Brice’s co-workers were assholes at the beginning but not so at the end…that left me confused.  And when their work lives intersected…I was really confused.  There is a fight at this point between them that honestly just left me…

Really?? I just didn’t get it.  Honestly this whole book could have been a 5 Star PWP Winner had the author elected to take this path.  Oh well.

The End - *3 stars*

Yeah, there is a scene at the end that made me uncomfortable but it ended without anything happening, so I was actually OK.  Could it have been done differently…yes.  But knowing how Brice and Jeremy felt during these scenes, helped get me through this.  Honestly, it almost needed to happen the way it did for them to realize that “The Dinner Club” is more than just a job.  It affects them emotionally in ways they did not understand until this point.

So overall – *4 stars* 

In the end…I had a damn good time with this book…I was pushed past my comfort zone and lived to tell the tale.  Cheers to my pervy friends!! 

It’s worth checking out.  

Additional Note:  You should not start this book expecting a romance.  I do not consider this a romance book. It is a porn read which happens to include some romance after 50%.  If that is not your cup of tea then stay away.

Status Updates:

“Gentlemen, keep your dicks in your pants in the dining room. If you can’t wait till dinner’s over, leave the dining room.”

“No. He’s fine. Perfect.” Brice smiled and acted like he was used to ordering boys for the night the same way he ordered a pizza.

Yeah I am pretty sucked into this now. Only hope there's no one else on the menu (for either of them)!!!

An evening with any of the other boys would be just as enjoyable. In fact, he shouldn’t have Remy again, to guard against the misplaced emotion.
Oh this could get pretty interesting and I don't think is going to go as he expects at all.

Thought everyone would want to know what's on the menu tonight!

His lids fluttered open for a split second, and Brice realized Remy was staring at him, a glimmer of something darker than passion—shame or regret?—flickering before he shut them again and his body’s reactions overpowered him.
Whew! So uncomfortable but I could not look away.

He’d wanted Remy, and Law took the edge off that desire, but didn’t satisfy him. Brice had hoped playing with someone else would get Remy out of his mind, but he admitted to himself no one would.
Not until he could make Remy his.

“Not everyone’s into monotony—I mean monogamy—like you are. But you had a good time too, I hope.”
"I’m not in a relationship, Ron. If I were, then you wouldn’t catch me in there.”
Points for Brice!! ❤️ But these assholes he works with...fuckers.

Oh sweet lord...tonight's menu includes...


"Please keep going."

I love this!!
“Isn’t this your job?”
"No. Serving dinner and taking off my clothes is the job. Anything else I do beyond that is my choice. For me, at least, money has nothing to do with it.”

When he finally opened his eyes, he was lying on top of Jeremy, who was looking at him with a touch of concern.
“You okay, Brice?”
“No.” Brice rolled over and pulled Jeremy along with him so they were on their sides, still wrapped together. “I’ll never be okay again.”
"I know what you mean.”

Good Morning!

“But you don’t know anything about me. How can you say that?”
“Because who we are when we’re not together doesn’t define who we are when we are together. We don’t have ideas and expectations. We are just ourselves. At least I have been.”

Tonight's menu...sports....our pick...soccer...so you know what that means.

OK I have hit the point at which my fellow BRers said this took a nose dive. We shall see.

“I’m Jeremy, your new paralegal.” He loved the look of surprise on Brice’s face. “You have a project you require some… assistance with?”
“Uh, right. Come in and we can discuss the details.” Brice had trouble keeping a straight face.
"They told me this project would be very, very hard. And that’s why you needed some ass-istance.” He whispered the last word, trying to make it sound dirty, but now he felt like laughing.
“That’s right. You should come closer and take a look at the briefs.”

“Look, you smell homeless. You’re even talking to yourself. Why don’t you have a shower and then we can talk? I don’t care if you keep drinking beer, just take a shower. Or I swear I’ll Febreze you.” -Doug
Wish we had gotten more of this guy...love him.

He had slipped the Magic Mike DVD into the player...and watched the film, with Jeremy fast-forwarding over the places where the female lead was talking and rewatching the ones where the guys had any of their clothes off.
Isn't that the way you're supposed to watch this movie? ;) Happy Hump Day!