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4.25 Stars

What a book and yes I'm still in a bit of shock. While I read the blurb and Sheziss's review  I expected just hot mindless fluff…I expected a fun filled book.  So yeah this one was a bit like…

We get the hotness, we get the fun...but this one is just so much more and honestly I am still a little overwhelmed with emotion with this one.

Now bear with me…as yes…I relate this book to my favorite TV show "The Walking Dead". *grins*

This book is the epitome of "don't judge a book by its cover"...it's more than two wrestlers having hot sex in a locker room wearing pink jock straps (yes there's that) and "The Walking Dead" is more than a show about zombies.

There’s emotion…

There are tears…

There’s heartache…

and yes there’s the need to just kick a motherfuckin asshole where it hurts…

These characters grabbed me from the start. I was drawn into their relationship so fiercely that it made what happened at 76% just unreal.  I was left in a daze…

Thanks to my girl Momo for being there for me...I could not have made it without you.

I absolutely loved these characters…our MCs and their friends…what a beautiful ride this was.

If you want to see hot men pics or jock straps...see Sheezis' review or Momo's review.

Now...on to Book 2...Dan's story. :)

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“I was just thinking about a Hulk comic… and how it reminded me of this morning.”
Hey, it’s not a lie. He doesn’t have to know I’m imagining busting out of my pants at the mere sight of him.

I'm not overly impressed with this book so far, but that was funny.


“Have you seen Jeremy’s moves yet?”
Beck shakes his head. “Not yet, but I plan to tonight. Some of the guys are coming to my apartment for a party, and I’m sure we’ll get around to putting him through his paces.”
“Well, don’t let anyone hurt him. I know how you guys get when you’ve been drinking. He’s still got to qualify, and I’d hate for him to miss it because Truck broke his collar bone.”
Beck puts his hands on the coach’s shoulders and looks him squarely in the eyes. “Trust me, Coach. Truck’s not getting anywhere near this one. I take full responsibility for him.”

Game on! *snickers*


Jeremy scans the room self-consciously, but I don’t make a move to get his attention. I’m frozen in place, stunned, feeling the complication factor of my life inching slowly up the scale with every second that passes. When he finally spots me, his shoulders relax visibly, and a tiny smile lights his face.
Gretchen doesn’t miss it, either. She looks from me to him and back again. “Oh, hell no, Beck.” She pinches me on the arm, but I don’t even flinch. “Beck, this is not a good idea, hon. Oh my God, that is one hot little piece of disaster right there. Walk away while you still can, Beck. Oh, shit. It’s already too late, isn’t it? No wonder you’ve been so distracted. Are you sleeping with him?"

Oh...I like her!


Ok...I'm totally into this now. *fans self*


“Whoa, Seth… Why do I feel like I’m suddenly your gay Cinderella project? I do know how to pick up guys.”
"I’m sure you do know how to pick up guys back on the farm, but this is a whole different world. You can’t just grunt and bend some guy over your tractor. It takes a little finesse, and some fashion sense. Wait till you see me when I go out. I’m a different person.”





We both lie in silence for a while before he murmurs, “You’ve got it bad, Beck. You know that, don’t you?”
“Mmmm… maybe not so bad.”
"Yeah, right.” He snorts. “You look like a dog guarding his bone over there.”




“Oh, now you’re speaking for Beck? He’s a responsible guy who’s making a life for himself. You’re only temporary, and after you’re gone, he’s the one who has to live with the choices he’s made. Wake up and stop being a selfish, manipulative little prick.”

This bitch is so close to getting my Loki gif!!!


I'm sick...literally sick.


Just kill me now.


For the first time, I think I understand my mother’s need to lose herself in drugs. It’s better than being conscious while your life falls to pieces around you.
Gawd almighty!!!!! Dying a slow painful death.


“Are you in love?” She mouths the last bit, tapping her fingers over her heart for emphasis.
"Definitely in love. He’s my baby.”