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The Curse of the Dragon God

The Curse of the Dragon God - Geoffrey Knight 3.5 Stars

What to say??

I love the characters in this series and for a non-romance book this series is...

But the story fell apart in this one for me. I have so enjoyed the Indiana Jones/National Treasure hunt qualities of the first 2 books.  That seemed to have been lost entirely here.  The action sequences were exhaustingly LONG to the point I was just worn the fuck out trying to keep engaged enough to visualize what the hell was happening.

And I am with Marco...so many loose ends that really need to start coming together.  Mutiple storylines have been formed over this series and love interests seemed to fall off the page pretty quickly.

But hey...I only wish Bradley and Will had been left alone when they woke up bound and naked together on that table with their clothes used as the bindings.  Again...

Lord Slutty Will is Slutty Slutty.  And Jake finally got him some and while the guy was the enemy...he spoke the name of his true attraction in the act.  Wrong...hell no...this was hottie hot.  

Now we wait for more.  And wait.  And wait.  Who knows if and when we will get more.  

Status Updates:

‘He who looks into your eye shall be cursed forever.’”
“Cursed with what?” Jake asked, his own heart turning to stone upon once again hearing that word.
“Cursed to always want…but never to have.”

Now the almost unmaneuverable 30-foot motor home had just careened nose first down steep, zigzagging Lombard Street.
The RV didn’t stand a chance of negotiating these hairpin bends.
In a single glance, Will realized that if he attempted a single corner he’d either wedge the RV or be unable to turn at all and crash headlong into one of the houses on the first bend. So instead he did the only thing he could—he turned the wheel straight down the middle of the slope, taking the RV off-road completely and plowing a beeline through the winding curves, churning up the gardens and leaving a trail of destruction.
LMAO...only in this book!!!
Lombard Street in San Francisco

“You were looking for someone. And it wasn’t me.”
Luca propped himself up on one elbow and said, “No, but I’m glad I found you.”
I bet.

He wished they could peel away the flesh on their bodies. Yes, the thought of it intoxicated him. Desperately he wanted to see what they looked like on the inside. He wanted to open their chests and see their hearts pounding. If he could see their hearts beat, then surely it meant they loved him.

“I want him.”

Taking four or five steps back, Betty eyed Shane’s tall, muscular form from top to toe, then with a sweep of her arm the whip sliced the air and bit off the top button of Shane’s shirt.
Oh my god. I'm dying. Where the hell is the gif for this whipping?? ❤️❤️❤️

His vision cleared and he realized quickly he was a captive and naked.
Of course he is.

Blinking hard in an effort to focus, he considered a jagged knife, then the saw, before finally settling on a set of rib-cutters. He smiled his cracked, rotted smile. “Yes. Let’s cut you open and see what beautiful things you’re hiding inside, shall we?”