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As You Are

As You Are - Ethan Day Ok...so here are my quick points...kinda spoilery but not really...

1.  I always need to read a book before I do an audiobook.  Sounds weird, but I have attention issues and am easily distracted.  I can miss one line (like I did in this book) and not realize we have transitioned from current time to a flashback scene...which leaves me utterly confused.

2.  The story was fair...2 roommates...obviously in love with each other but don't think the feeling is mutual....kinda irritating at times...I mean just jump each others bones...will ya!!!

3.  The writing...I was kinda all over the place with my thoughts here.  I loved it...some hysterical moments...some touching moments...but at times things would turn a bit cheesy.  Not often but enough that I scrunched my face.

4.  Not cheating but the MC nearly slept with someone else...I was all...

5.  One sex scene which was really really good...but our MC's did not become a couple until the LAST DAMN PARAGRAPH!!!  *pouts big time*

6.  Jason Frazier...obviously fantastic!  A few voices though I did not care for...but others that made up for it 10 fold...Julian's mother was a highlight!!  And besides the breathy sex...there were a couple of very heated arguments that was perfectly portrayed. Yes I have a crush on this guy...sue me.

Book 3.5 Stars
Audio 4.5 Stars 
Overall 4 Stars