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The Sentinel

The Sentinel - Eden Winters ❤️❤️❤️ That was gorgeous. Wow!! I'll gather my thoughts very soon. ❤️❤️❤️

Status Updates:

He’d thought his own thoughts once, back before they’d shoved a com-link into his head, hooked him into a processor, and relieved him of that responsibility. Back then he’d had a family, a name… Fourteen slammed the door on the memory, a memory he’d believed scrubbed from his mind forever.

After a moment, Connell realized the edges to the plates that pieced together to create the man’s body armor had slid apart with a hiss. Section by section the soldier dismantled his covering. First he removed the breastplate, revealing a powerfully built chest totally devoid of hair. Next came the sleeves.

The little girl gurgled and smiled, and… the soldier smiled back. The rigidity of his hardened features softened when he stared at the child, and when the baby wrapped tiny fingers around his larger digit, the sheer amazement on the man’s face melted Connell’s heart.

If only they could join minds as they did bodies, allowing Stone to share his memories, his hopes, his fears. To not be alone. How did humans survive, living with a lover but not fully connected to them?