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Uninvited Guest

Uninvited Guest - Brian  Lancaster “Don’t worry, Sebastian,” he murmured, drifting off to sleep. “He’s in safe hands now.”


Oh my...the first 45% of this book is swoony and like falling into just the most perfect book for me. An unexpected meeting at a remote home, a group of fabulous men playing games around a kitchen table, beautifully depicted scenery I wanted to fall instantly into, a troubled MC, and a spirit of a lost love. I was an emotional wreck.

Had the book continued at this high, it would have undoubtedly landed in my top reads for the year. But unfortunately, we departed from this deliciousness for about 30% of the book. While it wasn't awful, it was just a little off the mark for me. The MCs however are wonderfully hot together and their first kiss was damn near perfect for me. They deal with some real life relationship issues and do so really well. The last 15% picked up and ended on a high for me. I adored these too. Now there is the paranormal aspect which honestly either could have been omitted or needed to be expanded upon...it was lacking for me and needed more.

Again, that first part, I could read over and over again and the friendships of these men and their interactions were some of the best I have read. Loved them all.


Beautiful cover that we hope brings us an equally beautiful story.

Status Updates:

“We’re just different people, on different wavelengths. He’s into warm beer, TV snooker, and you. I’m more of a pinot grigio, Downton Abbey, and Tom Hardy kind of guy.”
I'm in love with Anton already.

“I’ve got you.”
Stephen’s words and a sharp ringing were the last sounds he heard as the lights in the kitchen drained away. Strong arms caught his shoulders, stopping him from crashing onto the stone floor.
Off to a great and intriguing start.

...he understood himself well enough to know the arrangement would never work for him, he had met gay couples— and straight ones, come to that— who were by choice far from monogamous. Some even claimed the agreement had saved their relationships. Anton understood his heart well enough to recognize his inability to separate the physical bond from the emotional one, the sex from the love, just as he could never betray the honor and trust of a friendship. Those two aspects of a partnership had to come hand in hand.
<3 I'm loving Anton more and more with each page. <3<br/>
This book is tearing me up. Gaaah

“I’m like you. Intrigued by things that go bump in the night. The only midnight apparition I had in that cottage turned out to be naked and Spanish. And very much alive.”
“And did you like what you saw?” said Federico, grinning, as Sean laughed aloud. “As Sean tells me, if you have got it, you must flog it.”
“Flaunt it,” corrected Sean, followed by another burst of laughter, as he led them into a small side road. “Not flog. Here we are.”

*dying* I adore these characters.

Onto the fragile canvas of every blossoming relationship, there comes a point when the hand of one lover dabs the first imperfection. Sometimes this flaw enhances the portrait. At other times the image is irrevocably damaged, the fatal imperfection.

He would make this work, he told himself, somehow. Because that’s what you do when you love someone.